How to Increase your website Alexa rank quickly 2020: Alexa is provides commercial web traffic data, analytics report of the website by its popularity and search engine traffic. It’s a huge ocean network and to help them float there organic position or rankings that serve as digital coach. To boost Alexa rank for free this guide will help you out. Alexa is founded by Amazon company at 1996.

This popular and well-known tool, gives a unique ranking to each monitoring site. The rankings can be 1749 or 38,742,073, according to the site, but be aware that a low rank means that the site has a better reputation.


Improve your Alexa rank fast5-effective-ways-to-increase-your-alexa-rank-1

How to Boost Alexa rank of a website

More your Alexa website ranking, the lower the quality of the site is high. This is why getting an ATR (Alexa Traffic Rank) low is a real headache for site owners and bloggers.

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This article will show you how to reduce the Alexa Traffic Rank of your site quickly and easily using an appropriate strategy.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

The ranking Alexa Traffic Rank (ATR) reflects the quality of a website or blog. Therefore, there is much in the eyes of site owners, since it is the image of the commercial value of the site at the time of consultation.

The ATR (Alexa Traffic Rank) gives a rank to each site, this classification is recognized worldwide. In addition, ATR is very important to attract advertisers, if you want it to place their ads on your site.

For example: Google is the # 1 site in the world and the first Alexa classroom place.Twitter is the 9th best in the world, although the 8th to the US, according to Alexa.

In short, the Alexa Traffic Rank can be considered the ultimate for any website because it indicates its reputation and popularity online.

Is the ATR important? If so, how does it help sites?

As you know now, Alexa Traffic Rank indicates the reputation and popularity of a site and it is very important of course for every website that wants to make its place in the Internet world.

Alexa ranking returns the sign of confidence accorded by consumers and visitors to a site. Trust is the basis of online marketing. If your visitors do not trust your site, they will never be willing to buy a product from your site or to follow any instructions given on your website.

Your Alexa rankings do not tell the story of your site, but it is a good Quality Siteindicator on several points:

  • It shows that you are an active blogger.5-effective-ways-to-increase-your-alexa-rank-3
  • It shows that your website content is dynamic.
  • It indicates the amount of traffic received
  • It shows how long visitors stay on your site.
  • It shows the number of existing trackbacks

Therefore, it is almost needless to describe the importance of the Alexa Traffic Rank in the online marketing world.

What to do? For have a better Alexa ranking?

Google ranks sites by over 200 factors, and this makes the process very difficult to understand. In contrast, Alexa ranking factors are very simple.

Alexa established its ranking by analyzing Internet use for several million people, data from the Alexa toolbar and other data from different traffic sources. The information is then sorted, filtered, anonymised, and calculated to finally provide the rankings we know5-effective-ways-to-increase-your-alexa-rank-2

5 Tips to improve your Alexa ranking

1. Claim your website

Claim your site in the Alexa tool is an effective way to quickly reduce the ATR. Earlier this request was totally free, but now you have to pay for your website to be assigned you. If you do not subscribe, it will be specified that the data displayed are estimated.5-effective-ways-to-increase-your-alexa-rank-5
Do not worry, you can submit your site on Alexa, during a 10-day trial period. You will get your Alexa ranking first within 3-5 days after you claimed / submitted to Alexa.

2. Use the Alexa toolbar

I think using the Alexa toolbar is much more effective than claiming your site on Alexa. You can quickly reduce the ATR of your site using their toolbar. Basically Alexa account the visits through the Alexa toolbar installed in your browser.increase alexa rank free This type of visits is recognized as valid by Alexa. Therefore, if you have not installed until now download the Alexa toolbar .

Download Alexa Toolbar for chrome:

Alexa Traffic Rank
Price: Free

Download Alexa Toolbar for firefox:

3. Use the Alexa widget

Alexa widget is another important part of the Alexa technique to help you achieve the desired goal. Alexa gives priority to sites that have installed their widget. In addition, you can show the ATR and trackbacks from your site to your visitors, even if they do not have the toolbar installed in their browser.

Copy the code and paste the Alexa widget in the widget area of your site, making sure to replace ” ” with the URL of your site.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

4. Get more backlinks on Alexa

You need more backlinks to improve your Alexa rank (ie to decrease your ranking). You may be wondering, what a trackback Alexa, and how to get them?

Trackbacks can be explored by bots (robots) Alexa are called “trackbacks Alexa.” The easiest way to find Alexa backlinks is to consult on Alexa, the other sites statistics.

increase alexa rank fast 5-effective-ways-to-increase-your-alexa-rank-4

You will find the number of backlinks and five trackbacks. Just follow the links and try to get in your turn trackback to Alexa gratifies you this link.

5. Get Alexa traffic toolbar

This technique is very easy, but ethically very effective in quickly reducing your ATR (Alexa Traffic Rank). In this trick, you need to target bloggers and webmasters as being of visitors.

visitor traffic
Like many bloggers use the Alexa toolbar, this strategy should help. To do this, you must be active in the communities of blogs and webmaster forums.


Alexa website ranking is an online reference and many site owners are doing everything possible to improve their ranking, serious pledge to visitors. Do not waste time, do you also not to be found on the web, and improve your Alexa rank today.

I hope this article will help you to increase alexa rank for free .if you enjoyed this post don’t forgot to share this article on social medias.



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