Nowadays, a world without the Internet is unimaginable. Whether it is self-care, entertainment, or business, we need a good internet connection. This is a wide sharing of ideas, information, and news online. This connects the world. You can check your current connection speed online using the internet speed tool and make amendments according to your business need.

For common use, an internet speed of 70 Mbps download and 7 Mbps upload is sufficient. However, some even need an internet connection of over 2 Gbps.

Hence, there are several network connections available to get service according to your need.

Why do We Need the Internet?

Whether you are a student, businessman, house worker, doctor, or a common citizen internet is your basic need. Here are some of the fields where the internet is essential for you.

1. Internet for students

The internet has various articles related to different topics which students can read to enhance their knowledge.

The Internet is a great means of progress for any society. It has made worldwide information available for students under one platform, which they can analyze to make their assignments.

Moreover, the information is free to read. But you may need to pay some fees for online courses. Moreover, it also helps students to learn new skills and make some money.

Additionally, nowadays, schools have launched online platforms where students and teachers can communicate with each other and solve queries without waiting for the next day to meet at school.

2. Internet for business

The Internet is highly important in business. Today every business is an online business. Where established companies use it to maintain their links, the new companies can use it to widen their reach.

With digital marketing, companies reach different products to improve their brand reach and advertise their products. With this, they interact with more audiences and survey their likes and dislikes. This helps them pop up successfully and earn a good name in no time.

It has helped companies improve their internal relation by providing a strong means of communication with employees. Moreover, you can also send e-mails to other branches of the companies to share information.

The Internet is also used for advertising a company’s products and services online on different social media platforms. Then the customer’s feedback, experience, and likes to boost the company’s brand name online and increase customer awareness.

However, every business needs a different internet speed. If your business only needs internet for cloud files and sending E-mails, then you don’t need a high internet speed connection. You can check your internet connection by going to that URL to check your connection speed and evaluate whether it satisfies your business need or not.

3. Internet for society

The Internet can also play a major role in improving society and public relations. Every new scheme introduced by the government can reach people via the Internet, and the public’s reaction can also be seen.

With the internet, companies, organizations, people, and governments can connect internationally to discuss their problems. It removes all physical boundaries, and people from different areas, cultures, beliefs, and diversity can connect.

This also plays a major role in improving the economy. There are different public service websites where people can discuss their issues, and the government will launch different projects for the welfare of the citizens.

4. Internet for healthcare

In medicine, the internet has made it possible to deliver different services to people instantly. They can consult their doctors online rather than wasting hours visiting the clinic for minor health problems. However, if you have some serious issue, you need to immediately see the doctor.

Moreover, the internet has also made it easier to check the symptoms of different diseases and verify which doctor you need to visit rather than wasting time on unnecessary tests.

Especially during the pandemic, online hospitals were very helpful. Patients can connect with a specialist online. But the only problem was the internet speed. Sometimes, a poor connection can cause misinterpretation of the message and cause big problems.

Therefore, you should check your internet speed. A common people’s must be 5 Mbps upload and 70Mbps download speed.

5. Internet for daily use

Today we are more dependent on the internet than on ourselves. Whether it is messaging someone, security, self-care, learning, or entertainment, we need a good internet connection.

Having a poor internet connection sounds like cutting off our ties with the world. Hence, you need an internet speed of 5 Mbps upload, and 60 Mbps download to maintain healthy connectivity with the world.

However, if you think your current connection buffers a lot, then you should run an internet speed test online to check your connection speed and confirm whether you are getting the right amount of internet for which you are paying.


Today’s generation can live without food but not without the internet. It is not only their addiction but also a need. Therefore, you need a good speed internet to carry your daily online work smoothly.

Whenever your internet is lagging, you can use the speed test tool online to check your connection speed. But remember, the connection is not always troublesome. There could also be other reasons, like larger bandwidth which is tracking the problem.


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