Many users often buy android applications or content applications correctly and not very often resort to the Freedom application , which offers an easy way to download applications from Play Store payment. The problem often is that, after you stop using it sometimes stop working applications like Youtube and application store. Today in this little post we’re going to teach how to be repaired Play Store to use this 2016 Freedom.
Requirements and configurations to repair Play Store

  • The main requirement is that you must be root users, if they have rooted your phone, I recommend you go to this link: root any android phone .
  • Download Root Explorer.apk
  • It is recommended to read carefully each process indicated in the letter.

    Method for repairing Play Store for using Freedom 2016

  • After have I rooted the phone, you have to open the application Roote explorer, surely some of you already know, this apk is a tool to explore the mobile system folders.
  • Should be quite careful because if you delete a file by mistake, could cause a system failure of his cell and can stop working, that’s why d¿no should do anything risky, just what indicate them.
  • To continue the method, you open a root explorer and then go to following path:system / etc /  this route is the root of the android operating system, go look inside your sd card.
  • Inside the folder  ETC must find the file called ” hosts ” delete that file

  • Once deleted , you can reboot your phone so that changes are saved successfully.

      To prove that it works this method, you must turn on your phone and go to the Play Store and try to download something, if the error continues, must re-perform the procedure, but this time with another application, another browser files that allow them to enter the root system of the cell.
      This problem also occurs in the application of Youtube therefore should try and enter the application to be fixed if the error has been repaired.
      Visit our website, we are always posting related to technology and content to assist with all repairs content, this time we help to repair Play Store for error caused by the 2016 Freedom fault.


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