Today Trickspro going to share a most awaited facebook tricks that is How To Add All Facebook Friends Into Group by single ClickMany facebook users wants to add their friends into a group but facebook has a long process for adding them into a group. Do some simple steps to add all facebook friends into any group.
How to add all friends to facebook group by single – May 2016

How to Add all facebook friends at Single click

  • Firstly log in with your facebook account.
  • Now open that group in which you want to add your facebook friends(in discussion view).
  • Now click add members
  • Your friend list will show up
  • Scroo
  • Now  open your browser’s Concole box(mainly by pressing F12).
  • Now Download Script from given link.


  • Select whole Script by pressing CTRL+A and then CTRL+C.
    How to add all friends to facebook group by single click – May 2016

  • Paste whole Script Into console box by pressing CTRL+V.
  • Press Enter and Script will begin their task for adding all friends into that group which you opened.


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