Hello,  Trickspro users Today im going to share you a trick how to increase your 2G / 3G speed on your Android mobile with VPN tunneling App

Why im getting very low browsing speed?

cuz of high traffic on load balancing servers,  this will mostly happens in night time, it take too long page loading time . currently Everyone is using smartphone and surfing whatsapp, Facebook, and more on Internet.
Solution is you need to switch your isp’s server to VPN cloud server, the one which is give highspeed browsing. I’m sharing you a best highspeed VPN service providers. Just Follow Below Steps then get highspeed browsing on your android mobile / Tablet. 

How to Increase your Internet Speed

1. Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield VPN servers are supported  lighting speed browsing, Servers are hosted by 1GB/s Networks

How to increase 2G/3G browsing speed on Android
» Secure WiFi Connection:
  • Protect Internet connection and encrypt personal information so you can safely surf the web whether you are at home, work or in public.
» Anonymous Browsing: 
  • Hotspot Shield VPN provides you with an easy and secure way to surf the Web anonymously and privately
» Unblock Proxy:
  • Quickly access blocked and censored websites with Hotspot Shield VPN. 
  • Get safe access to social media, games and videos.



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