How to activate Zero Rental 3G pack on Airtel: Now a days Airtel tricks are hard to use The smart Phone network is being smart at hackers. From jun 2016,Airtel is only allowing  to access H+ & H signals when you have a 3G data pack Active .After the end of the pack validity .You will be forced to move 2G/ Gsm network .The only way to access 3G signal back activating small data pack . But after ending the pack validity again you get banned from access 3G services.
Airtel wont allow us register to 3g network if they have no any valid 3g data pack. So while using airtel free internet tricks users are limited to use 2g network.
So What to do now?

Activating Zero Rental 3G plan may save you. There is no option to Directly Activate the Zero rental 3G plan. But, i have 3 methods to activate “0” Zero Rental 3G plans. & All methods Are working perfectly

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Method #1

  • Send an SMS 3G to ‘121
  • you will get a reply message telling – 3g is activated or not
  • If you are activated 3g already. then deactivate it first
  • Then, Download My Airtel App 

 Note- Only download app from Above link, Don’t download from playstore. also don’t update this app. 

  • Login to your airtel number
    How to activate Zero Rental 3G pack on Airtel
  • Then go to 3G  and activate 3G.

Method #2

In this method you have to call Coustomer care & tell them to Activate Zero Rental 3G plan. 

How to activate Zero Rental 3G pack on Airtel
Ill explain it in Steps..
  • Dial 198 and navigate it to GPRS helpline.. Talk to Coustomer care service.
Tell him like that..
Coustomer care: Hello sir,  how can I help you? 
Me: Sir im having problems with network registering
Coustomer care: How long u facing this problem? 
Me: sir,  i have Recharged with a 3G pack before. When the pack validity ends.  My sim showing Emergency calls only  & No service. 
Coustomer care: Set your mobile network mode as GSM (2G) mode. 
Me: sir,  here in my area 2G signal strength is very low. Only i can Use it when i was out of my home..  So whenever i want to call,  then i have to go out sir? I can’t even receiving calls properly. But  im getting average 3G signal. Now it turned to emergency call. 
Thats all  🙂 
Coustomer care: ok sir,  I’ll help you to solve this problem,  30 mins after  switch off your mobile and on it. Now your problem will be fixed. 
This trick is personally tested by me…  Working very well

Method #3

This also based on the Coustomer care service. Like second method. 

  • Call Coustomer care tell them to Activate Zero Rental 3G plan. They will say  there is no such packs available sir, pick any data packs 28,   80 MB 3G.
  • No sir i want to use 3G by deducting my  Main balance. I don’t need data pack .. That’s all they will Activate Zero Rental 3G plan in 30 Mins will receive a Confirmation sms for that
Enjoy airtel free 3g tricks at 3G speed


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