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The final Android 7.0 Nougat has been officially announced. It replaces marshmallow and brings new features. Which smartphones and tablets, the update will be available on Android 7.0 nougat, you learn in this overview. Update: Samsung and Google deliver Nougat updates.

Android Nougat: Release, features, news
Android Marshmallow: Overview for smartphones and tablets
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… Google Nexus
… Huawei / Honor
… LG
… Lenovo / Motorola
… Samsung
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No nougat Update: Incompatible Smartphones
Unofficial updates via Custom ROM
Availability for manufacturers
Google Nexus: update to Android 7.0 Nougat
The following Nexus and pixel devices of Google get the nougat update officially:

Nexus 6
Nexus 9
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Nexus Player
pixel C
Google has launched the automatic distribution of nougat updates via OTA. In Italy on September 21, first user received the 1,200-MB update without assistance. Will not you wait, you can manually install the Nexus update. For instructions, we created in the separate article.

Nexus devices: Check and install Android Updates
Androidpit system update Nexus 6P 2
Nexus 6P with Android update / © AndroidPIT
HTC 10
HTC One M9
HTC One A9
In May, HTC had reported for the first time for Android nougat update. Even after the announcement of the correct name Android 7.0 nougat keeps HTC firmly on update promises. The Taiwanese will update the HTC 10, One A9 and the One M9. There are now at least an indication of possible release dates: The HTC 10 should therefore be updated in the fourth quarter, the other two smartphones “after”, which can also mean that the nougat update until 2017 appears for these smartphones.

Bild auf Twitter anzeigen
Bild auf Twitter anzeigen
HTC ✔ @htc
We’re excited to receive final shipping Android 7.0 Nougat software from Google!
04:00 – 25 Aug 2016
286 286 Retweets 864 864 „Gefällt mir“-Angaben
HTC One Android update
AndroidPIT HTC M10 launch 3904
The HTC 10 will get the nougat update early. / © AndroidPIT
Huawei / Honor
Honor CEO George Zhao explained over Network World that the Honor 8 and the Honor 5C , the software update will be available on Android 7.0 nougat. However, there are no official schedule.

AndroidPIT honor 8 review 6443
The presented in August 8 Honor obtained nougat. / © AndroidPIT
If Huawei wants to us not supply advance information about the equipment Android 7.0 will receive nougat. Such a list would likely include the 2016 featured devices:

Huawei GX8
Huawei P9
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Lite
For Huawei P9 a Beta has been released ahead of the official release nougat. Your brand new design is according to the interviews statements “leaner and simpler” than ever be. Huawei had for Abigail Brody Apple poached. The release date of the final nougat Updates for Huawei P9 and Co. is not known.

AndroidPIT huawei p9 1442
Huawei could wait for updates actually shorten. / © AndroidPIT
LG has spoken for the first time to nougat, as it spoke of an unreleased smartphone. Talking about the LG V20 , which will be presented on 06 September as a successor to the V10. Even Google has confirmed in its press release for the release of Android 7.0 nougat that the LG phone “soon” will appear with the new operating system.

A nougat update from previous versions of Android, we definitely expect for the LG G5 . It looks like other LG smartphones, is still undetermined. There are still opportunities, at least for the LG V10 and G4.

LG V10
AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0401
LG delivers updates late. With a nougat update before Christmas owner of a G5 may however be expected. / © AndroidPIT
Lenovo / Motorola
The units of Moto series obtained as expected the update to Android 7.0 Nougat quite early. This is because the software of the presentation of Google hardly differs. there is not a list, but Lenovo takes my Twitter status when asked politely:

22 Aug
Digital Cosmonaut @iamkosmonaut
Hey @Moto_GER – da jetzt Android 7 offiziell ist, gibts bei euch schon ne Update Liste?
Moto Deutschland ✔ @Moto_GER
@iamkosmonaut Der Code ist da & unser Team prüft, welche Geräte Android N erhalten. Alle News gibt’s hier & hier: http://bit.ly/Moto-Updates VG
20:28 – 23 Aug 2016
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Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy Note7
For Galaxy S7 Edge Android is already being tested 7.0 nougat. This is at least evident from references to a screenshot. It was said that in the Geekbench database already a European model of the top smartphones tested with the new software.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: available Android updates
Samsung has in connection with the Note-7 launch on Android 7.0 Nougat expressed. So you’ll deploy that update two to three months after the first beta testing. This said Samsung Mobile CEO Koh Dong-jin at a press conference in Seoul. Keeps Samsung actually the tight schedule below, we would expect in October with the nougat-update for the Samsung-top devices.

AndroidPIT Galaxy Note7 event 5206
The Note 7 was presented with a marshmallow. / © AndroidPIT
Usually Samsung smartphones get two major Android updates. In the current case, this means that the family Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 the update will be available on Android nougat. The Galaxy S5 has already received the lollipop and the marshmallow-update and has reached the end of its maintenance period.

Android updates for Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus: Install Android update
Sony has shortly after the official launch of Android 7.0 nougat to update plans expressed . Accordingly, following smartphones and tablets will get the update:

Xperia Z3 +
Xperia Z4 Tablet
Xperia Z5
Xperia Z5 Compact
Xperia Z5 Premium
Xperia X
Xperia XA
Xperia XA Ultra
Xperia X Performance
A timetable for publication does not exist yet. Whether in the middle class are pending further Nougat updates, is not known.

2014er top devices are out of the race
The update list by Sony shows a strange space: The Sony Xperia Z3. Although this received a developer preview of Android 7.0 nougat, but the final update apparently does not appear. The reason for this is the graphic interface volcano. This is a compulsory part of Android 7.0 nougat, however, requires hardware-support of OpenGL ES 3.1. The mandatory support of OpenGL ES 3.1 is according to Sony only been introduced shortly.

Because OpenGL ES 3.1 is mandatory condition for nougat, such as smartphones and tablets with the Qualcomm chip Snapdragon are excluded 800 and 801 of a nougat-Update de facto: The graphics chip allows hardware-only orders from OpenGL ES 3.0 and can instructions version 3.1 not run. Qualcomm therefore supports the newer OpenGL interface is not in the official driver. Uncertain fate of smartphones with the chipset Snapdragon 410, which GPU also not support OpenGL ES 3.1. Nevertheless gets an Android One smartphone, the General Mobile 4G, a nougat-update.

For smartphones and tablets with chips that support hardware-no OpenGL ES 3.1, this means in all likelihood that there will be no official Nougat updates because the manufacturers – as now – the necessary certification of the system software of Google can not be obtained.

It affects them, inter alia, smartphones Snapdragon 800/801, almost all top appliances from the year 2014: Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 compact , Nexus 5 , OnePlus X , LG G3 , Moto X (2014) , HTC One ( M8) , Samsung Galaxy S5 . In most cases, were here anyway no official updates more expected.

Unofficial Nougat updates via Custom ROM
Owner of a smartphone, the OpenGL 3.1 is not supported in hardware, thus have hope for support of the developer community. Because in custom ROMs, the developers can work around the limitation. And that also happened already in some cases.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 TWRP downloads
The Nexus 5 gets unofficial Android 7.0 also Nougat. / © AndroidPIT
The Nexus 5 falls to the new provisions of Google ( see above ) to the victim. The modder community was not long in coming and provided nougat-based firmwares. One of them is Bokrom and is available with preinstalled Google apps. This means for you that you have to do is flash a single ZIP file to immediately come to full nougat pleasure.

Download: Android 7.0 Nougat Bokrom for Nexus 5
Nexus 5 gets unofficial nougat Support
Even the 2012 published Nexus 4 is powered by the fan base even with nougat updates. Although this is a work-in-progress firmware, but it is proof that the new system with the old equipment can be run.

To download: Nougat for Nexus 4
The XDA-Developers create however a list of nougat-ROMs for popular smartphones . Is of your case, you can upgrade to one of the unofficial Nougat updates your device.


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