The Nexus smartphones 2016, as submitted by HTC and currently available information pixel and pixel XL hot. On 04 October, the devices are expected to be presented. Under the code name “Sailfish” is Nexus-5X Successors developed. Update: Now there are first photos.

Pixel Phone: Release on October 4

Google has a teaser animation published for the launch of the pixels Phones. You can see the silhouette of a generic smartphones and date: The 04 October is therefore clear as launch date. TechinDroid became a simultaneously held launch event invited in Berlin on 04 October.

Pixel Phone: Price above 600 US dollars

Like the last two Nexus generations which pixels Phones not inexpensive devices. Android Police claims to have learned from a “trusted source” that the pixels Phone will cost 649 US dollars. It was also spoken by a financing option. When color options there would be blue, silver and black.

Pixel Phone: First pictures of Nexus-5X-successor

Senior Leakster Evan @evleaks Blass received and distributed a frontal view of the Google pixel. The new image also shows the pixel Launcher . He changed the surface of the new pixel smartphones and provides them with exclusive software features that will not be received with other Android devices:Pixel Phone: First pictures of Nexus-5X-successor
Androidpolice -Leaks August 14 also show the back of Google Pixel:

Nexus Sailfish
Real photos of pixels Phones. / © Androidpolice

In the pictures more details can be seen. Particularly interesting is the back, because here is located in the upper third of a glass cover, while the remaining part is made of aluminum. Right in the middle of the fingerprint sensor can be seen, the main camera is located on the top left.

A further image was on Twitter spread, probably also shows the smaller of the two Google pixel Sailfish:Google pixel SailfishThe Google pixel looks a bit like the Nexus. 4

Pixel Phone: Specification

Also of Androidpolice submitted on June 23, the first technical data. This should – in his own words – are from trusted sources. The equipment of the new pixel Phones is planned as follows:

  • 5-inch display, full HD
  • Quad-core processor, 2 GHz (model unknown)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB of internal memory (other models are possible)
  • Battery: 2770 mAh battery
  • 12 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel camera for selfies
  • Fingerprint sensor on the back
  • USB-C, headphone port, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Down-firing speakers (stereo functions unknown)

Google pixel (XL): Exclusive software features

Different sources indicate that Google than ever equipped the pixel Phones more with exclusive features that are not available with other Android smartphones. This strengthens Google the brand and lifts it more clearly than its own products.

Launcher and Home Button

Google pixel (XL): Exclusive software features
The pixel Launcher changed the search bar. / © Screenshots: TechinDroid

The first new element was the launcher and the home button. Although their functions are not known yet, however, there is much on the integration of the new AI-controlled chatbot assistance Google Assistant down.

new navbar nougat nexus
The home button gets the Assistant look. / ©

Factory newer Android version

GSMArena were on September 17, leaked information according to which the pixels Phones are already running a newer version of Android. In screenshots is Android 7.1 Nougat talk; officially but at that time Android 7.0 Nougat the latest version of Android. It is questionable whether this version projection could be made to a new unique feature of the pixel Phones.

Seamless updates

The pixel phones are likely to be the first device to make the updates of the new nougat feature Ask Seamless use. The technology has been used by Google for the first time in the Chromebooks. It accelerates OS updates. The system is based on two system partitions instead of the previous one.

In addition to the currently in-use partition using the Android operating system is on your smartphone a second system partition that can be invisible upgraded in the background.Restarts your new Your pixels Phone, Android is loaded when restarting the newly recorded system partition. Your apps and app data and personal information are located on separate partitions, so that they (ie seamlessly seamless ) can still be used with the new system. Waiting for the update installation are completely eliminated. That’s good, because Google will in the future continue to increase frequency of feature updates .

TechinDroid how to root system update
Instead download is there in future only “reboot” are. / © TechinDroid

Daydream VR

Google and partners want to establish a unified VR platform for Android smartphones. However Daydream requires compatible smartphones. It is expected that even the Google pixel (XL) provides the new platform, so developers can use the Nexus successor as a Daydream tester.

Would you access to a Google pixel (XL) from HTC? Writes your assessment to the information in the comments.


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