Gift cards are now starting to be increasingly popular globally. What are gift cards? As the name suggests, it is a card/coupon which has an absolute value which is offered in exchange for the payment made to buy the card. The card can then be redeemed at the issuer’s website/store, as major online shopping websites and app stores have started to offer their gift cards such as Google Play codes, PSN gift card, Steam wallet codes and many more. In short, it’s like gifting someone a discount on the respective internet site. We shall see some popularly used gift cards and how to avail them. Also have a look at Whaff Rewards free gift cards.

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a globally present e-commerce company and is the largest internet based retailer. They sell books, discs, video (movies, music, TV series) downloads/streaming, mp3downloads/streaming, audio books, video games, software, electronic appliances, clothing, furniture, food, toys, accessories, and jewellery. They are also behind the Kindle eBook readers and the fire tablets. Now, an Amazon gift card’s benefit can be used on any of the listed products or services.

Now, how can you get this neat gift for your loved ones? It’s quite simple actually; you can purchase one from the website itself! And the best part is that there are custom made gift cards for various events. These have some very fresh and expressive design similar to greeting cards. And what makes them great is that it is a bit of both a gift and a card in one. There is a huge variety of designs to choose from, which is very conveniently sorted for the recipient and the event. Also, you can also add your very own wishes to your loved ones on it. Thought it might sound a bit overwhelming, it is not. In the Amazon India website, gift cards are available from ₹10 to ₹20,000, which is a pretty big range to choose from.

The next question you probably might have is, how can I use this gift card? Well, it is as follows. Once you receive an Amazon gift card, you will find a 14 digit alpha-numeric code on it. You can visit the following link;

And enter the code as asked. The amount will be added to their Amazon pay balance. There is no fee involved, and the exact amount will go to the receiver. The card, which is valid for an entire year from the date of purchase can be used on the Amazon website and their products and services. However, they cannot be used on other gift cards and some global store products.

2. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes is the digital media store of the tech giant apple. NC, featuring media files like music, movies, videos, applications and more. It is the world’s largest music vendor. It services the range of apple products including Apple watches, iPhones, iPods, iPads and Apple TV. iTunes has been offering a gift card feature since the release of the iTunes store. The way it works is similar to the other gift cards. After you receive a gift card, it can be used to pay for the apps, media and other content offered by the iTunes store.

Surprisingly, you can find an iTunes gift card on Amazon and other e-commerce websites like e bay. Purchasing one is possible from either. To purchase US iTunes gift cards, you need a US Apple account. So, it is easier to depend on Amazon. The iTunes gift card would make a great gift as it is very versatile. The receiver can use it however they please. Once you have received one, you can redeem it in the iTunes store.

To redeem the card, you have to first take your card and gently scratch off the label at the back. This will reveal a hidden, 16-digit code, starting with an X. Unlike this, other codes may not have a covering label. Then you open the iTunes, iBooks or App store on your device. You can find the ‘redeem’ option under the ‘featured’ section. Upon signing in with your Apple ID, you can enter your code, 16 digits and start with X. you can also add the promo or content code from the back of the card. Afterwards, you shall be given an option to either extend your Apple music service or to redeem them as store credit.

3. PlayStation Gift Cards

The PlayStation Store (PSN store) is a digital media store for Sony’s PlayStation range of gaming consoles. This includes content for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. The contents of the store include paid and free full games, add-on content, themes et cetera. It is a weekly updated digital media store, and the PlayStation range of consoles is quite popular as well. As a mode of payment, PlayStation also offers gift cards.

You can find the gift cards for PlayStation online, from the PlayStation website or from e-commerce sites, who sells the same. The PSN store is where you can use the card and here is what you should do, once you get your hands on a PlayStation gift card.

On any PlayStation device, select the PlayStation Store from the home screen. After signing up/in, click on the ‘redeem codes’ icon. The gift card will have a 12 digit code (case sensitive) which you can now enter as prompted and click on ‘next.’ On a PC, it is slightly different. Login to your account Then you can just select ‘Redeem Prepaid Card’ and click ‘Continue.’


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