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Checkout all the methods available for access foxtel guide for today from your PC, Android or iOS devices.
Foxtel is an Australian TV company which provides paid tv services across the country since 1995. Currently they offer cable TV services, live broadcast satellite television and IPTV catch-up services for watching your favorite tv shows whenever you got time. Either you can watch it from pc or a smartphone via the Foxtel app service. In Foxtel TV you will likely find many features, UI and TV program guides like the Sky TV service in the United Kingdom.
Currently Foxtel’s cheapest pack, the Entertainment pack, costs $26 per month. You get 45 varied channels of every basic category (kids, sports, documentaries, music, news, entertainment), plus access to the Foxtel app service for this price. There’s also packs for specific needs, like the Drama combo at $46 per month, or the Sports combo at 55$ per month. With the most expensive pack, the Platinum HD, you get every channel pack available, plus the Foxtel App service and Foxtel On Demand service for a price of $137 per month. In this pack, you also have every HD channel available, a decisive feature for those who love watching TV in good quality. Making deals in the site online allows you to have access to very suitable discounts, like getting the Platinum HD pack at $99 per month por the span of one entire year. You must debit the entire year at once for this discount to apply, though.
The company offers even more services, like Foxtel Now (a streaming service for watching Foxtel on a wide range of devices like tablets, smartphones, consoles, of course, Tvs), the Foxtel Kids app (that allows you to stream exclusively channels belonging to the Kids pack, for children), the MyFoxtel app, made for selecting and recording shows remotely, even when you’re far from home, and the Foxtel Store, a site that lets you view and buy new released movies every day.
With all those services, if you have Foxtel it can be hard to have a complete understanding of every feature if you don’t have the time to sit down a lot of hours and get all technical. Without a TV guide you can be lost trying to find every show and movie you want to record or watch at a later time. So, now in Techindroid we have the solution for you! With this showtime tv guide for foxtel so, you won’t miss a single episode of anything ever again.
You have a few methods available if you want access to a Foxtel TV Guide online:

  • Using the official app.
  • Entering the official Foxtel site.
  • Other alternative sites.


View Foxtel TV Guide for Today online

This article includes foxtel tv guide for melbourne, sydney, perth, brisbane and all other states of australia where foxtel services exists. 

Foxtel Guide Online 2023 ( Official site )

Foxtel tv Guide Online

Foxtel guide for pc

At first from your browser go to Once you enter the site, on the upper right corner of the screen you’ll find a button that says “TV Guide” Click on it to view foxtel tv guied melbourne. What’s so good about this option is the amount of customization you can get: the online guide allows you to search within categories, seeing only the channels you want to see, changing timezones to adjust the place you are currently and even has an online support option to help you if you still feel lost after all. With this option you can see foxtel tv guide for all the states of Australia. My opinion about their service it’s best to see foxtel program guide on their official site or app. it lets you see up until 14 days program schedule in advance.

Foxtel TV Guide app:

With this method, you must download the MyFoxtel app from the App Store or the Play Store, depending on which smartphone you have. You can view foxtel guide from android & iPhone / iPad using this app As said before, this app lets you use the recording service in your TV remotely, but also work as a foxtel guide for today. After download all you have to do is to touch the icon corresponding to the “Guide” option to see up to 14 days of foxtel tv schedule info, and using the remote recording service plus this guide, you can be sure of never missing anything! If you see something you want to watch later, you can use the remote recording option while inside the guide.
Foxtel Guide for Android:

Price: To be announced

For iOS:

Alternate sites

Showcase for foxtel

Foxtel Showcase

Premiere tv guide

Of course, using the official options may not be enough for you, if you’re a cable enthusiast. But don’t worry, you’re not helpless. There are some other options, like Showcase ( a complete foxtel showcase that not only shows you the available channels and categories just like the official site, but goes even farther and gives you a review of the show for you to know more about it. This site shows movie premiere guide. Even with the wide variety of channels that Foxtel has, and even if you have the Platinum HD pack, you could find yourself with no specific shows to see. Showcase can help you with foxtel tv schedule what’s about those new shows you’ve heard of recently and you don’t know yet!

Foxtel Movie premiere guide 2023

Foxtel guide
There’s also Foxtel Movies ( in case you have a special interest in the movies you can see with the cable TV service. The site offers you a guide focusing directly on the upcoming films that will be transmitted on the channels Foxtel has to offer. And of course, you have the options to see the hours in which they will be transmitted according to your time zone and location, and the option to watch which movies will be transmitted on genre and on the selected day.
Obviously Foxtel is an amazing TV service provider, and now with this guide you won’t miss a single thing on it. If this guide has made your life suddenly easier with your Foxtel service don’t forget to share it with your friends that use it as well, and leave a comment on the box below if you want to!


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