Facebook now blocks adblocker users

Facebook now blocks Adblock Plus – TechNews

In just 48 hours Adblock Plus platform is finding ways to tackle the extent that camouflaging their Facebook ads that that not detected.
The social network that receives more advertising investment and the largest advertising platform blockading just declared war facebook block adblock plus.
Only a couple of days, Facebook announced on their blog that he had found the way to camouflage your ads between content to trick adblockers so to appear even though the user had them installed. Now  Adblock Plus has countered claiming to have found a way to prevent this from happening.
The measure of Facebook , which was still in the testing phase, was to modify its web code to give the  ads a new format that does not identify them as such, making them invisible to ad blockers.
Adblock Plus is open source, and as explained in his blog , the community has been quick to react to the extent Facebook , designing a new filter that “re-blocking” ads from social network.
The reasons for  Facebook to fight adblockers  are obvious: if it is free thanks to advertising and brands, that only in the second quarter of 2016 have invested 6,440 million dollars to give visibility to their products. They claim that their ads are not annoying, and when  Adblock Plus  removes also deletes other content that is not advertising.
Meanwhile the blockading platform has already said he is willing to fight back and that if the social network of Zuckerberg is another way of  community will create new filters that override.


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