Hello, readers ..  Currently Airtel direct 3G tricks are working All over india. From July onwards Direct 3G trick Blocked state by state Responsively.This post all about airtel unlimited direct 3G trick & Speed capping solutions. So now airtel updated the firewall .If you consumed all the data from the shared 3G 4G balance your speed will immediately Get Capped Even you dont Disconnect the season. I have tested many 3G pack combinations with Unlimited 2G pack. Finally i got some solutions to Uncap the 3G, 4G speeds. My All SpeedCap solutions are working till now. You can even Disconnect from internet.

AirTel Direct 3G trcks & All Speed Cap solutions

This Airtel Direct 3G trick is working based on the Family sharing feature on Airtel. I did’n posted any direct tricks before because i know Airtel will block it soon. So Grab this speed cap solutions before getting blocked. 

Note: Avoid traveling while using Direct 3G tricks. If you move to another area Network will change .So you may Face Speed Capping issues. 

How to? Airtel Direct 3G Trick

  •  Its simple to use Airtel Direct 3G trick requirements are Not Much. A working airtel 3G or 4G sim, & a 3G supported handset (Android) Recommended
  • Now Reacharge your Airtel sim with Unlimited 2G pack (rates Rs.223 , 225 & 243). Choose any one of them.
  • After Recharging Successful .Now do a Another Recharge A 3G pack with long validity as a ultd 2G pack (Rs. 185 3G pack recommended) &  After recharging the 3G pack .
  • Now Download & install My Airtel App (playstore)
    AirTel Direct 3G trcks & All Speed Cap solutions
  • Open My Airtel App And login with your mobile number.. Then Click on get 300 MB free data banner. & claim your 100 MB  free Night Data. you will recive a confirmation SMS..
  • Then Type New message ADD <10 digit airtel number>  & send to 121
Note: Use another Airtel number in the message
  • After that you will get a Confirmation SMS . make sure its successful Confirmation or not
  • Now Turn OFF your Mobile data & Turn On ,& Start Browsing & Downloading. Download 4 to 5 GB in first day.  
  • Dont Disconnect Internet
  • Next Day your speed will get capped . Dont worry just be patient till Night 12 AM. connect your mobile data after 12 O clock.Now Browse one or two webpages and disconnect internet. If you Get a Data usage alert ..
  • Send Message DEL <Added airtel number> Send it to 121
  • Confirm By Replying 1. Now Connect to internet if  you get 3G speed again .
  • Add the airtel number back ADD  <10 Digit Airtel number> send to 121

 My DataUsage Statististics

Data usage
 Many Speed capping solutions are available & listed below for Airtel Direct 3G trick,you can simply try it and use unlimited 3G till the pack validity.

 Speed Capping Solutions
 I have shared tested and working in TamilNadu Speed uncapping solutions for Airtel Direct 3G trick. You can try these all methods. 
Method #1
  • Recharge your airtel sim by unlimited 2g pack and then Activate any small 3g pack (Dial *567#).
  • use some MB of your 3g data and leave some MB in your account. (Check your data by *121*2# or airtel portal or My airtel app).
  • Now Goto Message and create new sms Type ADD <Any airtel Number> to 121.
  • Now use some data or Download any big file like 50 MB, After using 3-4 MB.
  • Immediately send New message DEL <Added airtel number>  to 121.
  • You”ll get message for confirm , Just reply by pressing or sending 1.
  • Now don’t disconnect your data and get full 3g speed in your 2g unlimited pack.
 Method #2
  • After your Speed get Capped Activate Rs.28 3G pack & Connect with DroidVpn 9201 UDP & ToidVPN 9201 UDP 
  • Use Both VPNs you will get 250 MB after bandwidth limit reached You can Directly use the Free 3G trick
 Method #3
  • First you need to activate Airtel Direct 3g internet trick, Some info : Recharge with unlimited 2G pack then 1 month 3g pack (both packs should have same validity like 28 days)
  • Follow these guide daily before 12 AM to avoid recharging with minimum 3g pack everyday.
  • On 11:55 PM Send sms Add “Any Airtel Number” to 121
  • Browse the internet Normally, but don’t download anything.
  • After 12:00 AM your speed will cap but don’t worry. DO NOT DISCONNECT INTERENT.
  • Now Create New sms DEL “Airtel Number” to 121
  • All done,Check the 3g 4g speed.You will get complete 3g speed without any balance deduction issues.
  • You can now even connect and disconnect the speed won’t be capped.
  • Repeat the steps daily at 11:55 PM
 Method #4
  • Iif you still feeling speed caped after 2g unlimited +3g plan then go simply delete family share number just type DEL 9999××××× to 121 and then go to airtel.in/free and download any app from this list its give you 100 Mb night 3g Data
  • Now again ADD family sharing number ADD 99×××××× to 121 and thats all ……
    Now wait till midnight 12 now start ur data in night ur 12 am and start surfing and download …
    Your speed is back
  • Now you can enjoy on unlimited 3g speed again


AirTel Direct 3G trcks & All Speed Cap solutions


 So This post is all about airtel unlimited Direct 3G trick and Speed Capping solutions.


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