Hammer vpn trick for Etisalat 2016

Hammer vpn trick for Etisalat 2016

Hello readers Guess what? Today TechinDroid going share a Hammer VPN free 3G 4G trick with etisalat sim UAE for free internet browsing and downloading. Hammer VPN is used to broke restrictive firewall of your ISP to get free internet access through your etisalat sim . Hammer VPN not only gives you free internet it also unblock websites which is blocked by your network provider.

Previously we shared many Hamer VPN tricks for various networks over the world. By using this trick you can use all internet apps like Whatsapp , Facebook, Browser, Download managers etc.Hammer VPN app daily gives you 150 MB free 3G and 4G data you want to use unlimited data will buying a Tunnel Guru premium account will help you read below for Hammer vpn settings for etisalat.

Hammer Vpn Settings & configurations for etisalat 2016

To use this free internet trick follow these steps.

  • At first step Download & install Hammer VPN app  | mirror
  • You will see Connection manager of hammer vpn. Did you find numeric values on boxes 500 and 0 that is a Default value just replace these numbers with given settings,
Configuration 1

  • Select Any free server
  • In First box 53
  • Second Box 8080
  • Protocol UDP
Configuration 2
  • Select Any free server
  • First box 8080
  • Second box 9201
  • Protocol UDP
Choose any one of the configuration and set it up with Hammer VPN (see Screenshot)

Hammer VPN settings for etisalat
Hammer VPN settings for etisalat
  • After filling details as shown in Screenshot.  Click On Connect button. 
  • Now wait for a few seconds you will be get Connected and you will see this screen. 

Hammer vpn uae
  • That means you are connected. If not connected select another free server. 
  • Now Open your browser and begin free browsing and downloading on Etisalat sim.  You can also use messenger, Instagram and all Internet applications. 
    Hammer vpn trick for etisalat
By using this hammer vpn trick you can Use free internet on Etisalat sim. We Are waiting here love to seen your comments, share with your friends. 


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