Last Update: March 2024

keyboard shortcuts for your browser

keyboard shortcut for browserThe keyboard shortcuts (key combinations that allow functions in programs) are a very useful way to save time when working with your computer. And since a lot of the time we spent at the computer we use it to surf the Internet, we offer a number of keyboard shortcuts for the browser .

Whether you useInternet Explorer , as if you browse with Firefox or Chrome , the following shortcuts will help you surf the Web more efficiently. In many cases the combination matches, but other changes depending on the browser. Users running Mac must change the Command key Ctrl .

keyboard shortcuts for chrome browser Mozilla firefox browser opera browser, safari browser

  • New window: Ctrl + N (in all browsers).
  • New tab: Ctrl + T the active tab is changed by the new.. In addition, you can open any link in a new tab if you click on it with the scroll (the ‘wheel’) mouse or holding down Ctrl while selecting. If you want to go directly to this tab, you must press Ctrl + Shift.
  • Close active tab: Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 . You can also close any tab if done click the scroll on it.
  • Reopen a tab: Ctrl + Shift + T a recently closed tab opens.. It can be usedseveral times , not only with the latter. In all three browsers the active tab will change the open.
  • Navigate between tabs: Ctrl + Tab to move and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move backward. If you want to go to first, Ctrl + 1 , while Ctrl + 9 will last. The other numbers (except 0) can be used to go to the tabs occupy the corresponding position (up to nine).
  • Search on page: Ctrl + F . This combination will open a box in which the search term is entered. Pressing Enter will go from one to another. In Internet Explorer and Chrome also all matches will be highlighted on the page.
  • Add to Bookmarks / Favorites: Ctrl + D . To add all open tabs, on the other hand, use Ctrl + Shift + D .
  • Go to the address bar: Ctrl + L or Alt + D When you run this shortcut will be automatically selected. Whole URL , so you can copy using the command Ctrl + C or cut by Ctrl + X .
  • Go to the search bar: Ctrl + K Only available in. Firefox . In Explorer , this shortcut opens a new tab with the home page. In Chrome, the address bar also serves to search Googl e, active search, which clears the URL.
  • Change text size: Ctrl + + to increase and Ctrl + – . To decrease Ctrl + 0 restores the original text size.
  • Open downloads: Ctrl + J . In Firefox and Explorer opens the download manager, while Chrome opens a new tab with the download manager of this browser.
  • Go to the home page: Alt + Home . In Explorer you can also use Ctrl + K to open a new tab home page.
  • View the source of the current page: Ctrl + U Only. Firefox and Chrome (in the browser opens in a new tab). In Explorer can be done by clicking the right button mouse and selecting the option.


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