Finding something hidden deep on the web is the next to impossible thing. It may be a bit complicated thing to find the mentions of a few keywords all over the web. Is there any tool that can come handy? Have you ever heard about such a tool? Awario is one such tool that lets you track the mentions of a specific keyword all across the web. Let’s peep into this brief review of the tool.

What is Awario?


Awario is impactful social media monitoring software that lets you find the mentions of a specific brand/keyword on social media on the web. This stunning tool relies on the 3rd-party vendors to fetch you the relevant data about the latest mentions of your brand/keyword. It crawls 13 billion pages every day including several APIs, unlike other monitoring platforms that rely on a single source to find the brand/keyword mentions.
Once you have found the latest mentions, the newer audience can be targeted through word of mouth. You can join the conversations, and be the part of discussion. A number of businesses are using this powerful tool to enhance their reach and spread the brand awareness.

Why Every Business Owner should be Using Awario?

Awario is extraordinary social media listening software that is the lifeline of many brands and businesses. It works for them in a way to explore their audience and find out their popularity on social media. Some of the exclusive features of this tool are listed alongside.

1. Non-Stop Monitoring of the Social Insights in Real-Time


People usually talk about the big brands or a specific keyword. Awario lets the individuals or big brands to track the mentions of their products/brand name/keyword(s) in diverse languages all across the web. The tool search across the web and find your mentions.

You even receive a notification in real time whenever a specific keyword or phrase is talked about on the web. This ensures that you don’t miss an opportunity to interact with the new audience and spread brand awareness by being the part of the conversation.

2. Find Important Discussions First

You can check how many people are involved in the discussions and can react accordingly. All the mentions can be sorted on the basis of ‘Reach’. This in turn helps you to find the most significant debates and take the right step for targeting the audience and promoting your products to them.

3. It tracks Keywords in Different Languages

Awario lets you find different keywords/products in diverse languages all across the internet. Awario is the one-stop solution for all, no matter whether you are a big firm or a small-sized business. It will take care of all.

4. View Only Relevant Discussions

Don’t waste your time in finding the mentions that are fragile for your business. There might be indefinite search terms, but you can exclude a few negative terms/keywords and make your search more precise and relevant.

5. Powerful Analytics System

You can easily identify the industry influencers with Awario insights and develop impactful relationship with them. You can start the business collaborations and market your products with like-minded people in your niche.

Its detailed analytics lets you track the mentions, compare alerts identify top influencers, track growth, and analyze the complete progress. The reports can also be shared through a shareable links with colleagues.

6. Email Alerts

You can always set up the email alerts to get the notifications about the latest mentions or can even get the daily/weekly analytics reports delivered to the mail.

Pricing & Plans

Awario offers three different plans to its users starting from $19/month. The ‘Starter’ plan is limited to a few features. The ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $69/month while the ‘Enterprise’ plan will cost you $299/month. Along with every plan comes the 30-days money back guarantee. You can even go for custom plan by shooting them a message and get your plan tailored by them after the discussion.

Awario is one of the most essential tools for the businesses who are looking to scale up and build a healthy relationship with their audience. Awario lets them track the mentions of specific keywords/brands and find the potential market to spread their business. It can surely lead to better promotion and better conversion. Every business owner should give it a try for once.


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