6 Things to Do When You Lost Internet Signals
Internet has become part of everyday life. It feels empty without your favorite smartphone at hand and not connected to the internet signal. Quota enough internet, telephone and SMS smoothly, but when open the browser or run the application functions that need an internet connection, you fail to connect.

Do not rush to call the operator just to make sure you why internet away. Because actually you yourself already can handle with ease. Here are things you need to consider when the internet signal is lost.

6 Things You Can Do When You Lost Internet Signals

1. Make sure APN settings are fine

Android network settings
Airtel, vodafone , mobile okay,At&T already the most trendy today. The time you call the operator and advised on setting the APN or Access Point Names , you are confused and wondering where the setting was found. Already described, but you do not know exactly where. need to upset that you added, the operator is also upset, internet you do not clear up. Be aware ! This missing signal problem is not a problem that every day you are supposed to find. So please find out first.

Generally for setting APN or Access Point Name on most mobile phones, such as the type of Android , is on the settings, network settings, or Mobile Network. Well then there you’ll find the APN or Access Point Names. Already you edit, make sure you’ve correctly, do not also forget to save for now. Each APN for each operator will be different, for example Airtel APN nameis the airtelgprs.com, for 2G/3G/4G data, or XL with XLBroadband.

2. Make checks APN With Other Ways
checks apn
True, the service operator or Customer Service Representative is a 24 hour service. Moreover, for the class of telecommunications service providers. But it was great for activities in which we are daily supported, then the moment could not use then we complain, weepy very rich. Especially when it turns out we recognize types of mobile phones that we use okay have and present, D-link dongle. Okay we paid, but there is another way that is more fun than contact the service provider.

Imagine that you are with your friends get together hanging out together. Incidentally there is WiFi, Internet access also happened to you via operator feels constrained. You can do a little research on your APN settings the same customized telecommunications provider you use where you are constrained to connect to the internet. If they do not understand a question to your friends are hanging out together, make some sort of quiz. So , you have an exciting conversation that not each individualist busy at cell phone. Mobile today that the majority leads to a smartphone, users should equally smartnya. So, do not give up with your phone !

3. Place Where You Was When Not Connected With Internet
Where You Was When Not Connected With Internet

It also can affect related to what you’re connected to the internet signal. You can not fit where the internet? In the parking lot? In the basement ? Inside the building? Inside the cinema? It could be indeed you’re not connected to the internet signal if so. Why? Yes time anyway want to get up base stations or base station inside a building? Be calm !

Sometimes indeed we should move to a position that is more open space to be affordable with a good signal. Because the majority of providers of mobile communication services still utilize the transmitter technology or BTS ( Base Transceiver Station ) from one point to another. This is not the type of device that you can put in your pocket. And even if you can, the transmitter power is also capable of damaging your body . Rather than argue with the operator just because the internet signal to ask awoken BTS, mending muted.

4. Note Description Appears
404 ERROR webpage

Well, this is too often the case, the current can not access the internet, we never knew or tried to believe constraints we actually how. Instead emotion can not access the Internet, contact the operator, continued to vent frustration. Note the information that appears when you can not access the internet or accessing certain websites, what he buffering or loading it? This could be related to a problem where the signals reach the position you are tablets, so please move out of the position you access internet services.

What appeared 504 or 404 or Restricted Error ? It could be that the site was down or indeed domain and has been transferred to another address, or the worst the site was not available because the government blocked because of content. You just create phone operator that way? 

5. WiFi
wifi access point problem

Many roads lead to US, he said so. Internet network operator not reliable? The position you can connect the WiFi signal? Yaudah heck, save your temper , wrote again to connect the WiFi signal. Problem WiFi, when the technological advances already as now massive in Indonesia, usually large cities, technology WiFi or mini WiFi have started mushrooming.

Mifi Modem shape is very compact, small, and easy to grip. Often in big cities have become a kind of mini transmitter to distribute the Internet signal into WiFi mode that on the majority of mobile phones are now supported. Thus, it is possible to connect to the Internet using a MiFi mobile phone or smartphone while we loaded pulse just for phone calls and SMS.

Okay for fuel, WA, and so forth, but only when connected to the MiFi. In addition to more efficient because the administration of money we will be more focused, too much so some sort of controlling our dependence with the desire is always connected to the internet for example WA, fuel, and so forth.

6. Sometimes it’s as easy as Restart or Remove Replace Battery and Try Again
Reboot phone

You are using correct APN settings, and then you try to connect to the Internet is still too hard to connect. Do not rush to go ballistic deh! Move the position to a more open space, restart or turn on the dead phone you, or if your mobile phone can be removed plug the battery, do! – Then try again.

Sometimes it also needs to be done just to refresh the network or signal, even your internet signal. The same thing you can do with your search engines, whether you use the default browser or from third-party applications. Try to also refresh the application by clearing the cache or cookies , or even history on your browser, including the passwords you’ve connect.

That she some ways that you can really on when the signal is lost Android . Not that you do not believe the same service operator yes. But it is better if you maximize the effort first. Calculated smartphone you know you better than you wear it for support activities. Do not know it is not dear.


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