Whether you are an IT professional or you just have a home full of the latest technologies, it’s always a nightmare when things go wrong. We use technology for so many different activities for work, entertainment, and play that on those occasions where they stop working as intended, it can be a full-blown emergency. Whether it’s a printer that won’t turn on when you need to hand in an invoice, a laptop that won’t start, or a smart speaker that’s not connecting, knowing the best ways to deal with those tech emergencies is often crucial. If you rely on technology and you have no idea what to do in a tech emergency, here are some suggestions that might make the problem solving much easier and less stressful.

Don’t Panic

If you’ve got a looming deadline and your tech stops working, the first response is usually to panic. This is the single most important thing to avoid doing. Technology might break down occasionally, but the vast majority of issues can be resolved quickly if you think clearly. If you’re prone to panicking, try and arrange backup systems before emergencies happen so that you have an immediate resolution, and the emergency can be put on the back burner until you’re less stressed.

Know What Happened

If you’re getting through to a tech support line, they’re going to ask what you were doing before the tech went wrong. The more info you can provide them with, the easier it will be for them to diagnose and resolve the issues. Always think about what it was that caused your tech to malfunction, freeze, or burst into flames. When it comes to calling for technical help, make sure that you read Wired’s guide to tech line scams so that you don’t make the emergency worse.

Check with Others

If you’re at work when the emergency happens, check that it’s only you that’s being affected. If your internet connection has gone down, that may be a local issue. If everyone is having the same issue, then it will be much easier for the cause to be identified.

Be Ready

The best response to a tech emergency is to already have a plan in place. Having a spare computer isn’t always financially viable, but it’s always worth investing in spare versions of the technologies that you most rely on. You can get cash loans from Cashlady for emergencies, so it’s easy to have a plan should the worst happen and your favorite tech breaks down.

Go to Google

In the age of Google, It’s never been easier to identify and solve the problems that you’re having with your tech. For Mac users, guides like this one can be massively useful when your Mac has slowed down dramatically. No matter what kind of tech you’re using or what’s going wrong with it, you can be sure that someone else has experienced something similar and that there are very likely to be guides available online that can help with your emergency.

The problem with tech emergencies is that they can happen at any time, and they are far more likely to occur when you’re racing to a deadline. Make sure that you have an emergency response plan, and you’ll be able to cope with the stress and drama of a tech emergency far more easily.


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