AI audio enhancer tools have made it easier to transform an ordinary quality sound in an audio or video into a professional-grade voice at zero minimal effort.

They are trained to recognize and differentiate between the primary voice and unnecessary background sounds and remove them. As a result, the primary voice becomes clearer and audible. Additionally, the voice enhancer tools are also capable of adjusting the sound pitch to make it pleasant to the ears and consistent.

If you are a beginner in podcasting, vlogging, journalism, etc., and do not have professional audio recording equipment, you can utilize the following incredible voice enhancers for converting a poor-quality sound into a professional-quality voice effortlessly.

3 Best Audio Enhancer tools to Improve Your Sound Quality

1. is a well-reputed sound quality improver tool available online. Its built-in NLP and ML algorithms made it smart enough to differentiate different kinds of media files and perform the selected type of sound enhancement.

Top 3 Tools to Improve Your Sound Quality With Audio Enhancer

It improves the audio quality by removing background sounds, cleaning up speech content, and adjusting the sound loudness and levels per the selected “type of content”. The output media file will, therefore, be clearer, consistent, and pleasant for listeners.

The audio enhancer AI supports all audio or video file formats, features the most convenient user interface and has flexible pricing packages to suit the varying requirements of users from diverse professions.

It is beneficial in converting an ordinary quality voice into a premium quality sound in a matter of seconds and with zero menial effort.


Basic ($10/month) Pro ($45/month) Studio ($90/month)
60 minutes/1 hour 300 minutes/5 hour 900 minutes/15 hour
Upload 3 files at once (2GB each) Upload 5 files at once (2GB each) Upload 10 files at once (4GB each)
5 GB cloud space 10 GB cloud space 20 GB cloud space
File length allows 1 hour/file File length allows 2 hours/file File length allows 3 hours/file
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  • Reliable, affordable, and versatile
  • Support all audio/video file formats
  • Removes background sound elements
  • Make the spoken content crystal-clear in media files
  • Adjusting the voice loudness to a pleasant-to-hear level
  • Ideal platform for podcasters, educators, and beginners
  • Offers customizable content-type enhancements
  • Effortless transformation of a poor-quality sound into a professional-level audio


  • Does not offer free trials
  • Does not feature a downloadable mobile phone version

2. is another widely-trusted AI voice enhancer tool for free. It is designed to effortlessly convert a rough, full of background distortions, and unclear voice in an audio or video recording into a crystal-clear, smooth, and consistent voice in the blink of an eye!

The tool is smart enough to differentiate between different types of audio or video files and therefore, allows the user to choose the type of content they have.

Once done, the user will choose the type of adjustment they need the tool to perform i.e. remove background noise, clean up spoken content, balance voice pitch, or overall sound quality improvement.

The tool accepts audio or video files (which may include podcasts, mobile audio/video, professional audio/video, meetings, lectures, conferences, etc.) of up to 50MB in size and 5 minutes long.

Pricing is completely free for unlimited use and does not demand any sign-up or similar formalities.


  • Absolutely free for unlimited sound quality enhancements
  • Features a user-friendly interface
  • Support all audio and video field formats
  • Allows customizable content type enhancements
  • Removes background sound
  • Beneficial for beginners in podcasting, music, voice-over narration, etc.
  • It brings sound quality to an audible and smooth-to-listen level
  • Identify the primary voice from the unnecessary sounds and remove them


  • Limited audio/video duration and size
  • Does not integrate with online browsers

3. AI Audio Enhancer by

Audio Enhancer AI by is an advanced and versatile platform for improving and editing audio or video files to make them professionally recorded.

Top 3 Tools to Improve Your Sound Quality With Audio Enhancer

Its capability to differentiate between the original voice and unwanted sounds that have been recorded unintentionally due to some reasons (open environment, ordinary recording equipment, etc.) and remove them is impressive.

The voice enhancer has much more to offer besides performing the fundamental adjustments or enhancements in the provided audio or video for sound quality improvement such as adjusting the speed of spoken content, cutting the unnecessary parts in a media file, etc.


The tool is free for cutting unnecessary parts in an audio or video recording while offering premium packages for advanced or additional editing.

Pro ($16/month) Business ($50/month)
No watermarks Auto-subtitle videos (up to 900 min/mon)
Process projects of 2 hours long Translate videos (up to 900 min/mon)
Upload files up to 6GB Creates custom voice clones
Increased transcription limit Edit with AI features



  • Free for basic sound quality adjustments
  • More advanced and efficient tool compared to the above two
  • Capable of cleaning the background of audio or video
  • Better than most of the other paid audio enhancer tools


  • Perform the same enhancements in whatever audio/video provided
  • Not for beginners


Concluding the above discussion about the features of the top 3 audio enhancer AI tools, it would not be wrong to say that they are matchless in their efficient and user-friendly features. stands among the most versatile, reliable, and efficient when it comes to performing basic sound quality enhancement in a podcast, interview, conference, music file, etc. is the ideal one for beginners in music, podcasting, vlogging, etc. due to its user-friendly interface, free cost 24/7 availability, and efficiency in transforming poor-quality sound into professional-level audio.

On the other hand, if you are a professional voice-over narrator, musician, journalist, or vlogger and looking for a tool that can offer more than basic sound quality improvement services, you should choose ai voice enhancer by


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