There are a thousand ways to increase the blogger and wordpress traffic visits to a blog and present the tactics that I think are the most effective to do so

How to increase your Blog traffic (Backlinks, SEO, Marketing)

Start with Your active networking.

Only if relevant

The first tactic to increase the blog traffic visits is to leverage your current networking. If you are self-employed or work on a project as a solo entrepreneur, you probably know that one of the keys to any business is networking.

If fortunately, have successfully developed in recent years a network of contacts good, the first thing you have to do once you have installed your blog and you have 3 or 4 items good to read, is to inform absolutely everyone in that you’re launching this new adventure and the most important in your contact list (the more support you could get ahead of this new project) people, I recommend taking the time to stay with them for coffee, go to an event together or eating with them to explain in detail why and how of your new career.

This is the most quick way to generate traffic and increase visits to your blog and do not forget, because it really allows you to leverage work you’ve done before

Interact with other more established bloggers

The second way to increase your blog visits to your blog is going to comment on other blogs.

Adds value

Not worth all blogs: blogs are worth that are related to the theme of your own blog and ideally, get to comment trying to add value. [quote style = “boxed”] Increase visits it is fine as long as you get traffic is qualified.

Nor it is noteworthy too in these comments, writing 5 or 6 paragraphs that are as long as an entry in itself, but it is true that if you get in a paragraph a good supply of value, usually the other readers to read your comment and or identified to be impressed with what you’re writing, it is likely to give a chance to your blog and visit.

A lot of people starting with the task of  blogging does not come out to comment ever on other blogs and I think it is a mistake because if you do it on blogs that have a theme related to yours, the results are usually fast and traffic you get to your blog will be a very targeted traffic, which typically will be very interested in reading your content. Comment is an excellent way to increase visits to very short term.

Professional forums are hyper relevant

Likewise if you’re already involved much in one or more professional forums, it is important to make signing your e-mail a link to the front page of your blog, because normally what you do in a forum is to bring value, respond to questions of other users and in this case, you help each user will read your signature as a member of the forum and give him the opportunity to visit your blog just a click away, so it is important.

These last two tactics to increase visits are very similar, can go to work on both blogs and forums, but must do so in the form continued for this show you results.

SEO for WordPress and the art of writing to Google

The third way to increase traffic visits to your blog is, of course, try to write for your readers but also try to write for Google. I’m talking about all the tactics of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), in this case I am going to focus on tactics SEO for WordPress .

You can not blogging seriously without knowing the least of how to write for Google and the minimum is to make good use of titles, both the title of your article as especially the HTML title, which is the title that the search engine Google reads .

The art of the titles is something you’ll have to master the art and keywords.

You have to understand that people are doing searches based on terms and word associations. If you do not use these terms, you may not go to achieve all the traffic you could catch because you’re using words that people do not usually basically use.

This happens very, very often, especially in people who have a lot of experience in a particular subject. Often they use terms that are correct, the guild, but are terms that do not reach the rookies and in this case are “carrying” 90% of the potential market of readers.

SEO is a very good way to increase visits to your blog because you usually bring a traffic normally is very segmented.

The positions in the rankings tend to be very stable over time, ie it is an investment you’re doing for many years and is a wholly strategy automated , meaning that traffic is free, and once you’ve made the effort You do not have to do anything to enjoy this flow of visitors.

Be very clear that you have to learn something about the concept of the Long Tail ( long tail ). Without understanding this, you will probably decide to leave your blog to have the feeling of having failed to increase visits

Writes as guest author (Guest Posting)

Another strategy for high traffic visits to your blog is to write as guest author on other blogs.

This tactic is called Guest Posting and is a very good tactic that allows you to access larger than yours hearings, at one time, and the idea is to get another blogger let you write a blog entry for visibility and foot your article will have a signature box where you should put a picture and a couple of links to your blog.

This is very good because in a way, you have some stand out to write as guest author blog a third party and you usually get a very good traffic. The larger the audience blog you write, the more traffic you will generate.

As always, each contribution of traffic to your blog 90% of this contribution will go, it will fade away but it will be 10% of the traffic and slowly, going gradually increase in subscribers, both readers of your RSS thread as subscribers to your mailing list. Then, write as guest author is a strategy that works very well.

Marketing in social networks

How not to mention Social Media? They are strategies to increase visits that work, what happens is that are intensive in terms of time consumed. Then you have to choose exactly where you will be present and to put a time limit.

How to increase your Blog traffic (Backlinks, SEO, Marketing)

powerful triad: Facebook, Twitter & Google +

It is true that we live in a world where audiences are broken down and you have to be present where people are present. Try it with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and depending on the results you get in these networks, focus on what works best for you.

There are many ways to automate the publication of the contents of your blog on these platforms and will have to use these tools to be more productive.

vertical networks

We also recommend studying vertical social networks, to go to specific sectors, if they exist in your industry. For example, here in India there is a network that is very interesting if you work in the tourism sector. It is called Vertical networks india and is a network of people who share their travel experiences.

For all companies operating in the B2B sector (Business to Business) is more than advisable to be active on LinkedIn, at least connect your LinkedIn profile with your Twitter account and try to participate in Groups LinkedIn because for the sector business to business, it is a network that brings much value.

Marketing videos on YouTube

Now I’ll talk about a very good way to increase visits to your blog, it is to use video marketing.

You can choose 2 different formats well with typical video tutorials there on the web but my recommendation is that you appear in the flesh and give the face a little video.

Try to create very short videos, tries to speak naturally about an issue, because people connect with people and if you are, with your face, talking about a topic, and show it in 120 seconds that you know this, this is very positive for your business.

There do not know how many billions of videos uploaded to Youtube today but very few   entrepreneurs and SMEs alone are doing in united states and they are doing it correctly.

Note that Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, which is much easier to position on Youtube that position in Google, also, if your video gets good results, ie good ratings, comments, positive feedbacks, is chances are your video out as one of the resources on the first page of results because Google integrates Google Youtube videos in their results pages.

For all these reasons, I think he still has long way to go to video marketing, especially in the Hispanic blogosphere and I recommend you do for your small business, I recommend you give it a try this tactic, because it is a very quick way to achieve differentiation .

Consistency, Perseverance and Patience

There are many more ways to increase visits but these have mentioned are the most important, are the basis on which traffic generation settles into a blog.

As you can see, blogging is like exercise, is something you have to take as an activity in the medium and long term and are a series of small contributions add up and ultimately end up to be a really good and important thing for your business.

If you are a solo entrepreneur or owner of an Makeuseof I think the blog can be the cornerstone in all your marketing strategy and you can develop here a communication channel directly with your customers, where you’re going to base the whole relationship in providing value in good content, free, where you show what you can do to other businesses.

Whenever you understand you have to work to increase visits to your blog, and maintain this effort over time.This post all about increasing your blogger traffic with Backlinks, SEO, Social media Marketing. I hope you find this useful


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