Due to the freedom, the internet provides using its services is at this moment in time remains pretty much like living in the old wild west, in other words pretty lawless. In light of the aforementioned statement consider this, unless you’ve taken extensive, effective precautionary measures, each time you access the internet you broadcast all the details necessary to access all the files on your computer to the whole wide online world, or at least those with the knowledge, interest, and means to do so. This essentially boils down to hackers, fraudsters, and the ever-watching eye of “Big Brother,” i.e. organisations such as the tax man, NSA, and similar organisations.

However, as any regular internet user can attest, the instantly most intrusive are the hundreds of completely legal trackers unobtrusively installed during each internet session from thousands of immoral organisations intent on disrupting your internet experience via multiple millions of unwanted advertisements via targeted spam emails, and popup ads. This abusive behaviour spawned another vast quagmire of software called adblockers which one now also needs install in addition to your firewall and antivirus software.


➢ Embarrassment

In modern-day society, it might be potentially less embarrassing and financially less damaging to walk naked down the street. If you decide to take a stroll down the street in the buff, only a few will witness your embarrassment/misdeed/walk of shame/pride in your physical condition, or whatever motived you to do so and you will only have to deal with and face repercussions from the police and legal system. That is if someone doesn’t get your daring act on his cell and sends it viral with a hilariously funny clip on Vimeo that will follow you around forevermore.

➢ Security Fails

To date an astonishing number of successful hacks on some of the world’s largest and most secure institutions have proven all forms of online protection is less effective than the developers of said computer and mobile smart device operating systems would have us believe. This statement applies doubly to the skills of all security experts responsible for developing effective countermeasures which are supposed to protect and keep your privacy and your data secure. Expensive security software that computer owners’ purchase in good faith are ultimately for a variety of reasons unable to fulfil their function.

➢ It Is Your Fault

However, that said, often the failure is simply not just on the part of the security software. At times it is due to outdated software on your own computer or poorly designed programs installed on your computer that enforces such protective failures. For instance, you may have the most secure firewall and anti-virus measures correctly configured, installed, and fully updated, used in combination with an excellent VPN.

➢ It Is NOT Your Fault

Then secure in your unshakable knowledge you are better protected than Ironman you will successfully log into a casino in a region that usually would not accept someone from your country and as soon as you launch a slot with intention to play your fun will suddenly come to a dead stop as you receive some sort of refusal or failure to play. This is simply because you accessed one of the older games still based on Adobe’s Flash coding, in such and many other instances it’s the Flash software that broadcasts your location despite all your other precautions.

➢ The Culture

As a result, due to lack of accurate information and education on effective countermeasures to combat any such potential embarrassment and/or financial loss, it has created a culture of online paranoia that extends to cover all aspects of online privacy, in both the corporate and private sectors ultimately promoting a culture of internet anti-trust.

➢ I Don’t Need a VPN

Anyone accessing the internet not protected via a VPN could simply permanently remove all personal data such as usernames, passwords, personal media etc. traceless, before accessing the internet, if there is no info to protect no-one can abuse it, correct? Wrong, even if you’re an everyday Joe Soap and have no celebrity status, these immoral louts can still track your every move and build a massive database on your behaviour, interests, and habits over the decades and continue wrecking your email inbox with a flood of spam mail for years to come. As VPNadviser.com says;

“For many, the thought of how data flows over the Internet is not on their radar. People have a tendency to focus on the task at hand and worry about the consequences later. WiFi networks are everywhere today, and with them, security risks are prevalent.”

➢ The Answer

Despite all the above, a good encrypted VPN, used in conjunction with a rock-solid firewall, and excellent multifunction antivirus software remains one of the most potent forms of privacy protection you could wish for. Any regular purveyor of online casinos attempting to sign up at a newly found, or referred to, casino have run into the frustrating message “The casino does not accept players from your country”. Despite the fact that you may live in a country where online gambling has been legalised since its inception.

➢ The ISP Factor

There may be several reasons why this could occur. The casino may not possess jurisdictional approval to market and present its services in your region. Alternatively, you may reside close to the border of a country where online gambling might be partially or completely restricted and the manner in which your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigned your Internet Protocol (IP) address might cause the casino, through no fault of its own, to misidentify your location. An inconvenience caused by your close proximity to the border, since your ISP may just have located their servers responsible for providing your IP address across the border in the neighbouring country.

The reality being that your ISP may just be located a long way from where you are, this and a multitude of reasons both technical in nature, sometimes simply caused by temporary glitching from any one of a whole range of software, required to provide you with internet access, may lie at the root of your problem.

➢ VPNs

Most internet users have at some stage received advertising material from any variety of VPN brands promoting the incredible capabilities of their services via marketing blurbs vowing to resolve most or all of the inconveniences you’re faced with and many more you were not even aware of. To the extent of having you believe they may have gotten you through the pearly gates if only you had access to the upstairs web.

➢ What Is It?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) in its most basic form is an online service that allows your computers and mobile smart devices to connect to highly secure international network in exchange for a nominal monthly fee and in some cases even for free.

How does It Work and What good Does It Do?

Your PC would then connect to their secure private network which incorporates hundreds of internet relays located in various locations all across the globe. Your VPN provides access, using highly secure encryption technology, to any website in any country across the globe wherein it has server relays located. VPN security encryption protocols provides fairly extensive privacy protection, the only portion of your internet session not under protection of its encryption protocols is the last section from its final server to the casino.

Its protective measures going as far as to even prevent your ISP, or anyone else from spying on your activities, your activities will even be relatively, but not completely, safe from even “Uncle Sam’s or Big Brother’s” ever present snooping abilities.

Know Your VPN

Lastly, take note due to the removal of many freedoms from destructive laws mainly instituted by the US and the EU, VPNs can despite protestations and denials from their marketing departments no longer guarantee total privacy. US and to a lesser extent the EU enacted laws requiring VPNs based in these two regions to in fact store all data they could possibly gain of your browsing habits for periods of up to 15 years.

The Final Word

If you require the services of any number of highly reputable and secure online casinos or sportsbooks you are will be well advised to make use of a premier online affiliate site such as VPNadviser. A premier affiliate site such as this will provide you access to hundreds of the internet’s premier VPN’s venue, all personally vetted, reviewed, rated, and approved by their experienced team of writers.


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