OpenDNS - Change Your DNS & Increase your internet speed
If you ever need a fast Internet connection, you can usually choose your broadband connection speed is higher, and it is a good practice. Although very few people are aware of the fact that sometimes even faster broadband connection might not get high speed. Specifically, in the case where the browsing or torrents. This usually happens because the DNS (Domain Name System) by the Internet service provider. An easy way to get rid of this scenerio with the help of Public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS. He also talked about DNS benchmark which can test using DNA which will help improve Internet speed and today we look at the open DNS .

What is OpenDNS: 

Open DNS is a service that offers free DNS and premium for any organization or individual to improve security. Their DNS helps you premium to load pages faster and also avoid malicious pages load. Open DNS comes with many features like, Domain blocking and typo correction, and provides secure DNS botnet protection.
In a simple word, if you use the default DNS provided by your ISP, you should switch to Open DNS and give it a chance. I used it on my computer for a long time and when I try Google DNS too, when I change the location. In particular, a personal perspective, Open DNS helps computer secure by blocking those sites that are malicious in nature. Also, if you are struggling with the issue failed upload page or opening a Web page to take ages, despite broadband connection using Open DNS will solve the problem. They maintain much of the DNS cache, which helps in faster query and helps improve internet speed.

Ex: Just to give you a summary do DNS name resolution, which is when you type It resolves the name site server IP address, and that is how the website opens in your day end.But DNS provided by your ISP could make decisions names actually due to size low cache, and the server is not strong enough because of all queries is that the reason you do this site, could not be found error.

You come on this problem using Open DNS. According to a wiki page Open DNS is DNS decisions of consumers and businesses as an alternative to the Internet not normal. The DNS is open fast servers because there are a large stage and maintain large area of the directory name being. Open DNS offers premium service is free and a normal house, like you and me, no DNS IP is good. I open DNS IP area, you can use and change DNS settings to them:
Use DNS address to reduce your internet. Enter this address in your DNS settings for network connection as shown in the image:

Changing DNS server settings on Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1
  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
  3. Select the connection for which you want to configure OpenDNS
  4. Select the Networking tab
  5. Click Advanced and select the DNS tab
  6. Click OK.
Well, as I mentioned it works better with some ISP DNS which is strong and that failed to load pages most of the time. I am a user Airtel T, but I prefer to use OpenDNS ‘instead of using default DNS Airtel. Can learn more about them on the official website openDNS. 

We do not know, if some public DNS servers, you contributed to boost speed of your Internet connection?


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