Unfortunately, home break-ins are relatively common. The Bureau of Justice estimates that there are approximately 3.7 million burglaries in the United States every year alone! Having your house broken into can result in huge costs due to expensive items being stolen or damaged. On top of the financial consequences, many homeowners feel violated, anxious, and stressed as a result of having a stranger intruding in their private living space. It is, therefore, extremely important that you take measures to protect your home and your valuables. With this in mind, here are the top ways that technology can be utilized to improve your home security.

Install a home security system

According to experts at reolink.com, properties without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be targeted by criminals and broken into. Security systems can be an excellent deterrent to burglars and help keep your home and valuables safe. Installing a home security system offers several fantastic benefits in addition to protecting your valuables and deterring crime. In particular, many smart systems allow you to remotely monitor and control different aspects of your home when you’re not there. For instance, you have the option to adjust your home temperature, lock doors, and switch the lights off using an app on your smartphone. Having a quality home security system is also likely to lower your home insurance policy significantly. These benefits make home security systems a smart and worthwhile investment for all homeowners.

Add security cameras

Installing security cameras is a great way to further enhance your home security. Again, security cameras are a highly effective way to deter criminals due to the fear of being recorded and recognized. Security cameras can also stop crime in the process by sending live feed and notifications direct to your smartphone. This will enable you to contact the police at the earliest possible time, further increasing the chances of stopping the crime and catching the person responsible. There is a massive range of security cameras on the market, including high-definition cameras with added features like infrared LED and 360-degree viewing capacity. Improved camera technology makes it far more difficult for criminals to tamper with security systems or hide being recognized on security cameras. You also have the option to purchase a discrete portable over the door security camera. These wireless systems can be installed quickly, then easily moved to another location when required, making them an extremely convenient way to monitor your home.

Upgrade to smart locks

There is no longer any need to hide a spare key under your mat or somewhere in your yard. You can now upgrade to smart locking systems that use a keypad, WiFi, or Bluetooth to lock and unlock your doors without the need for keys. This innovative software offers a far more convenient and secure alternative to traditional lock and key solutions. Smart locks also allow you to monitor your home at all times using a smartphone app. This means you can lock all of your doors while your lying in bed or check that you remembered to lock your front door on the way to work, for example.


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