Today many of the projects that I run have not registered on sitemap.xml as it should , but is more than critical if we put things simple Google (and believe me you want to), so for today I Write an article  which Is teach two basic things:
  • One is creating a sitemap.xml in WordPress without break your head.

What is a sitemap?

sitemap is neither more nor less than a file, preferably in XML format showing the latest changes that have a website. Now, it is extremely useful because it gives Googlebot information and very useful links so you can do your job quickly and efficiently.

What’s in a sitemap.xml?

  • The URL change.
  • The date on which we have done.

The sitemap.xml file is very sencillito, in fact, be in reverse chronological order (ie, that recent changes go first) a list:
  • The priority tracking.
  • How often you should track this page.
We do not need anything else, but of course, get a hand sitemap is a task of Chinese, because every time we make a change in our blog we should go running to sitemap.xml, notify the change and resubmit it to Google Webmaster Tools .
Quiet, that all this can be automated .

What is a sitemap?

sitemap is for that Google has in the same URL (and very close to the home) all the latest changes so you only have to follow the links from that page until you stop with information already on your server, at that time, stop and take only track changes, making her much more efficient visit.
To work swimmingly location is important, I always recommend that is in “”, ie, that of this blog is in , and so Google will know exactly where to go and what to do with it.

How to create your sitemap.xml

Create a sitemap.xml for your WordPress or a Blogger is really easy, in fact, I do not think you take more than ten minutes and, best of all, he alone will be updated.
The first thing Visit blogger Xml sitemaps or Seo tools WordPress sitemap Plug in that will generate the sitemap, I always recommend the mythical Google XML Sitemaps , 
Once you have your sitemap created (you know, in we can go to the next stage: submission to Google Webmaster Tools.

How to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

This phase is also simple, you just have to be logged in with your Gmail account and go to the home page of Google Webmaster Tools . Of course, I assume you have an account on Google this program and have verified the site, but if I notice in the comments that many do not know of what I speak, I will create a specific post talking about this Sitemap tool.
Once you’re inside the cover, just to the right, you ‘ll have to talk about Sitemaps widget , stick him without fear, will take you to a page like this (but not files):
As you can see, there is a big red button top right, you can prick and you see something like this:
Simply you add the relative URL destination (ie, sitemap.xml), you click on “Submit Sitemap” and voila, you have it .

Best of all is that you will not have to do anything to work and stay updated, and Google can find the latest changes to your site on the fly, is not it great?


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