How to get DroidVPN or Tunnelguru Premium account May 2016

Hello trickspro users, many were asking me how to get a premium account DroidVPN or your freedom to pocket points apk , it is been looking for information about this application and the truth that is very new, it was testing for 5 days and I managed to get to $ 5 with a super trick to find out what will set the end, and it takes me 12 hours transfer, the surprising thing is that if I paid and with that money I bought a Premium account DroidVPN, I’m putting together making more money to buy a premium account your freedom , I hope to complete another $ 5 more to have free internet in android , so I do not pay the operators, if you are looking for a way to have it because I recommend this apk, on the website of madeley published a few days ago a similar application to win money in paypal calledcash pirate apk , the truth that is very good but I do not like your panel today opened my account and had fallen to the server, and does not put good applications to install, however this application is very fun and makes you install games super good, you getattached and no longer want to uninstall, and even has applications vpn and are free trials and you grabs to free internet, there I discovered an application to connect without balance xD, good without gobbledygook specific to them that this application is and I leave the picture you see is true:


This application it is to make money by installing free apps and watching videos for each video you see give you 20 0 50 points , ie on their menu throws you offers and you can earn points once you reach thousand 1000 points you pay to paypal or if you want you can order gifts on Amazon or even to play store, I’m using to buy Premium accounts DroidVPN and your freedom , what good is that if you put my name wildercs in the application menu enter a Referred  , you want 1000 points automatically is $ 0.50 plus you enter the contest a membership like mine, to collect just have to see about 15 video, this application is very good, try and then comment, I gladly I will answer

Is POCKET APPLICATION pays for points?

Of course pay is pretty serious, get to the specific amount and ask for your mail paypal within 48 hours you are sent payment, but it takes only 12 hours, that is good for this application, as I return repeat if you want to earn 500 points just put my code wildercs as I have earn membership rewards, when you register you have to check your email, I mean go to the inbox and click on the message you send you verify and enter a the application.


  • Redeem for any of these rewards!
  • Gift Codes
  • Google Play Store Gift Codes
  • PayPal (Money)
  • download the application from here: pocket points | playstore link


  • Pocket Points – Gifts and awards Free Gift
  • Earn Rewards Gift Cards and FREE watching videos and downloading cool apps!
  • Features:
    – download free from our list of offers to win points applications.
    – Download applications and earn points
    – Redeem points for gift cards and other prizes!
  • Bonus ways to win prizes and gift cards with our surveys in-app
  • You must open applications after installing
    Note: Please enter your e – mail correctly so that we can send the prizes to your inbox. It will take up to 48 hours to send the gift code to your inbox
As all of you here want proof taketh a glimpse to my paypal to see the payment you made me is true, and I recommend it because I know it works, so you can have free internet unlimited buying and acquiring a Premium Account DroidVPN, no longer you have to navigate only 100 Mb per day then you limit DroidVPN and wait one day, or surf only 2 hours a day with account free of your freedom, this application is pretty good, so get even profit every month $ 5 dollars enough for you to pay the Premium ditch DroidVPN, cute out if telephone companies accept payment by paypal xD, just’d pay a data plan with paypal earning money this way really.


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