Last Update: May 2023

The constant transformations in mobile technology had led us to the emergence of mobile apps. Now two core app platforms exist namely IOS and Android and the Google Play Store alone has over 2.6 million apps to date. 2 million is certainly not a small number and it is expected to increase by 2023.

This rapid advancement has brought a great upsurge in the popularity of Android app development as brands and individuals alike have decided to transform their ideas into lucrative Android apps.

The Google Play Store currently holds both free and paid apps but there are some free yet hidden gems that you need to check from the app store.

1. StudySmarter

Category: Education

An education-based and learning app, StudySmarter is developed to make the notion of online learning simpler for university students. Its interface consists of the option to select your study domain from the category list and then you are given flashcards, quizzes and mind-maps that are related to your chosen subject or category. Along with the pre-defined flashcards, you can create flashcards of your own and share them with your fellow students.

Core Features

  • Create flashcards
  • Track exam and studies progress
  • Learning groups for collaboration
  • An automatic mind map feature

2. Google Home

Category: Lifestyle

Google Home has been around for quite some time but it is still a worthy mention. It allows you to manage, set up and control multiple devices and home products using a single app interface. These products and devices do not have to be from a specific brand as Google Home supports over 400+ brands. To use Google Home, you have to link the available devices in your premises or room and then with one tap, you are able to control and integrate the devices the app supports.

Core Features

  • 5000+ smart home devices
  • Supports over 400+ brands
  • Browse through trending music tracks and videos
  • Find compatible apps
Google Home
Price: Free

3. Picai

Category: Photography

An AI-based photography and editing app that makes the task of finding the right filters and special effects simpler for you. Integrated with smart AI features, you just have to upload your photos and Picai suggest you the filters you can use after analyzing the image. However, its functionality is not only limited to applying and suggesting filters instead you can use its detection features while photographing as well. Picai recognizes and detects the scenery and then choose the befitting filters for you simultaneously.

Core Features

  • Automatic scene recognition
  • Stunning filter recommendations
  • Essential camera features and tools
  • Silent mode feature

4. Quip

Category: Productivity

Quip provides a collaborative environment to teams where they can socialize and share ideas, content, documents and chat with each other. Other than sharing, you can also create spreadsheets and docs from scratch and then share them on the app itself. Quip is developed to simplify the daily hurdles of work-based routine tasks, emails, and meeting by transforming all of these factors into a fast-paced app environment. The option of real-time messaging and document editing is also available and that provides you with ease-of-access.

Core Features

  • Share documents and files
  • Edit docs and content in real-time
  • Collaborative chat and messaging options
  • Create and organize spreadsheets

5. Neverthink

Category: Entertainment

Neverthink is an app that consists of handpicked videos that you can instantly find and watch. All you have to do is to select a certain category and the app would play any interesting video from your chosen category. This app removed the need to search for things to view yourself and it still manages to display content that is intriguing to watch. All the content is already free-to-view on the internet but using Neverthink you can find every sort of viral and interesting content with less the effort.

Core Features

  • Contains over 40 channels
  • Daily video content specials
  • Option to save and favorite videos
  • Share videos with others

6. Zomato

Category: Food and Drink

A restaurant finder and food delivery app, Zomato allows you to navigate through a wide range of restaurants. Either you can look for restaurants yourself or Zomato can recommend you some according to your preferences. Find nearby restaurants by location, cuisine, and name or you can add filters such as rating, cost, and popularity. Zomato is currently available in over 10,000 and it might expand to other regions any time soon.

Core Features

  • Easy search options for restaurants
  • Option to view menu, photos, reviews
  • View the pros and cons before placing an order
  • Bookmark references and restaurant profiles
  • Follow friends and view what they are having

7. Overdrop

Category: Weather

A weather forecast app, Overdrop is equipped with an animated interface that displays you the current weather forecast in a visually appealing and minimal manner. Overdrop has currently over 30+ widgets that you can place on your phone’s display screen and each of the widgets is stunningly designed. All of the available widgets are customizable and you can adjust different combinations of time, date and weather in the widget of your choice.

Core Features

  • 24/7 weather forecast
  • Weather condition alerts
  • 30+ unique widget options
  • 5 themes
  • Option to customize notifications

8. Loffee

Category: Music and Audio

Loffee is a music streaming app that contains relaxing audio tracks and background music that is perfect when you have to focus on work or when you are reading. You can add songs or tracks to your playlist or choose from the personally curated playlists. Most of the audio content is of lo-fi music as it is the perfect selection when you intend to sit back and relax. Loffee plays music tracks for you when offline so you do not have to worry about connecting to the internet.

Core Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Option to follow your favorite artists
  • Customize your playlist according to your current mood
  • Lets you add your music and wallpaper as a Loffee contributor
Loffee - Lo-Fi Music
Price: Free

9. Bring!

Installed by over 5 million people on the Google Play Store, Bring! is a grocery shopping list app that lets you manage your household grocery items on the go. From creating detailed item lists to sharing the list with others, you can do so much solely in an app. Your list’s collaborators can view your items and if they see something they think they have run short of so it can be remembered by them.

Core Features

  • Share your shopping list with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Stunning shopping list templates
  • Optimized for smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets
  • Option to add photos to your shopping list

10. Google Lens

Some Android phones have a built-in Google Lens app while some do not but you should not fret, as it is available for download on the Google Play Store. This app allows you to take action on text by letting you scan text or images from your phone’s camera. Once you have let it scan supposedly a book then Google Lens will display relevant reviews about the book it scanned. If the app cannot find information about something or it cannot recognize what it is then it will give you suggestions similar to its speculation.

Core Features

  • Take action on text
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Get location directions
  • Call someone from your contact list
  • Identify plants and animals
Google Lens
Price: Free


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