Hello TechinDroid Readers, I write this post with the intention of helping people who have the same problem that I had not to be new full user or what not, however appreciate your comments or points etc

Format Write protected Micro SD Card [Solution]

The problem I had some time ago was: Buy a micro SD card with their adapter brand kingston, when I went to grabarle music and other things the windows tells me that you have to format it , as you try me a message appeared indicating that the card is write – protected . Check was set the security tab write and this was not the problem since it not marked as blocked (BE sURE tO CHECK tHIS) . since that was not the solution down several programs that were of no avail and have seen in several blogs and forums that many not served them. Therefore Segui reviewing and here in taringa saw a post where he said that we must modify the Windows registry (regedit), well I did this and nothing.

I sat down to think and I realized that the solution was easier than I thought. Remove the card reader and was tested with several mobile phones with slot micro SD , most are configured to format these cards automatically, just try some until they can format, the first thing I did with a lg and nothing and second look try a samsung and voila! it’s the simplest solution and if they want to pass data to the card can do over the phone through a USB cable, it’s what I do, greetings, remember that comment does not cost anything ! ! ! By the way, this was the phone you use, but you can with any other, it is a matter of taste:

 Update: You can also use devices like action cams with slots micro sd , the Drift HD for example serves to this: If you need to recover deleted items Skyrim and other data that have already been deleted from the computer here is the solution  


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