Hello world, there are many Screen Recorder Apps avail for Android device. Screen recorder is a tool designed to help you take screen captures and videos quickly and efficiently, with just a single touch. 

Best Screen recorder Apps for Android
Best Screen recorder Apps for Android

There are several options included for taking a video, and you can capture high-quality video through any of them. Screen recorder is one of the best tool for android.its better than screen shots & This tool is helps a lot to developers by using screen recorder easily make how to videos & tutorial video of any app.

At 2012 First screen recorder was entered into Android platform .That named ScreenCast recorder But, its only runs with Root. At that time screencast my favourite App.I have used it to record Game plays , Cheating coins in games etc.Now a days many App developers available for android That’s why android having largest app platform .If you search for any app on google play, I bet you will found a lot of apps that do same thing. Now you may think which one is better ? best app? You can only find Best things here TechinDroid- INC 

#1. AZ Screen Recorder (No Root)

AZ Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your Lollipop. It comes with awesome features ,No Root Requiredno time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording. Az Sceeen recorder App lets you record your screen at HD & full HD videos.You can also record audio from the mic and it is automatically mixed into the screencast videos. That makes it very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game.

AZ Screen recorder

In the settings, you can enable screen touches so the people who are watching your videos will know exactly what you are doing. If the screencast can be long and contains unnecessary information, you can trim the parts you don’t want to make your videos even more impressive and less video Size.

Additionally, there are many other features in this free screen recorder such as setting video resolution, bit-rate, screen orientation, customized timer to stop, saving directory selection, view/share or delete your recorded videos
AZ Screen Recorder

You can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen colour directly on your screen.You can also crop recorded videos

Note: This App Requires Android 5.0 and up

Download: AZ Screen Recorder

#2. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a free unlimited screen capture app for recording your device’s screen to video.

Screen Recorder

Create promotional videos, make tutorials or record help videos complete with audio. Its work on lollipop without root . And below 4.4 KitKat Requires root access. By purchasing premium you can unlock all features of the app

Screen Recorder

By click on Recording quality you can adjust the video quality

Screen Recorder Features:
▪ No limit on recording time
▪ Audio recording (Pro)
▪ Android Material theme
▪ Show screen touches while recording
▪ Shake or switch screen off to stop
▪ Possibility to delay start of recording
▪ Banner during recording (Pro)

Download: Screen recorder

#3. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec Screen Recorder lets you easily capture your phone/tablet screen to a MPEG4 Full-HD video + audio file at a high frame rate Without Root access.you can use this app for record ,All types of GAMES with Very High Frame Rate!, Video Tutorials, Video Calls, Promotional or demo videos for their apps, Incoming/Outgoing Phone calls, Hundreds of other purposes!

After insalling Rec (Screen recorder) open it and Set resolution ,set bit rate .You can record your voice by check on Audio option. Finally set the file name And tap Record button . now your screen activity will start capturing.
Rec. Screen Recorder

If your device is running Android 4.4, Rec. requires your device to be rooted in order to do its magic.
Rec. will work seamlessly, without root, on Android 5.0+ however

#4. Screen Recorder (No-Root)

Screen Recorder No Root is the coolest app to record the screen. And that too no root is required. This video screen recorder lets you record HD videos and you can stop these recordings by going anytime to the notification bar.

Screen Recorder (No-Root)

Floating window / Floating gadget always remain on top so that you can start the recording any time, and even stop too. Also you can press gallery button from the widget itself to see the recorded videos.
Do you want to know how you performed during a particular stage of a game? Then start recording the game using Screen Recorder No Root application. You can set bit rate from 10mbps to 8mbps and even to 2 mbps.

You can also define start delay in recording. It can be from 5 seconds to 10 seconds and even 20 seconds.
You can enable or disable recording notification also.

Screen Recorder (No-Root)

Also storage can be turned on or off for internal storage.
Portrait or Landscape orientation available. No root screen record has all the functions that you need for recording.

#5. ScreenCast Recorder

Old is Gold . All other previously shared recorders are seems compatible with some device. Doesn,t support some devices. But this Screencast recorder works with Android 4.0 & UPIt Requires Root access.Screencast captures your phone screen at high frame rates into a high quality MPEG4 video with audio. It can also take snapshots of your screen by holding the search key on your phone.

ScreenCast video recorder

This app complies with the LGPL as it uses libavcodec by FFMPEG for the encoding process. The sources used are from ffmpeg-0.8 release, and compiled without modification.

So This post is all about Best Screen recorder apps 2016.I hope this post is useful for everyone, Thanks for reading


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