Smart phones are’ve listed the best messaging applications that you can use. Let’s look closer it comes to the safe and useful applications from each other.

Best Messaging Apps! for Android
Shortly after entering our smartphones error messaging applications gained popularity. To use the phone to socialize the increased use of mobile Internet and the people who caused an increase in the number of such applications. Produced by various companies practices , sometimes very useful while it appears sometime half to no work. Let’s look closely you want the most convenient Best messaging applications for Android

TICTOC Messenger

tictoc messenger
Free messaging apps from TICTOC. it offers free messaging capabilities with your friends. Users of the speech history storage applications, but also Dropbox can be linked with your account. Also TICTOC Messenger application with domestic and overseas your calls can be free. You can use your computer and your mobile device, making a call or laying Post will provide you with great ease. TICTOC messenger available on Windows, Android & iOS Platforms

:: TICTOC Messenger Click here to download the Android app



You can use to make new friends WeChat comes with a lot of features .  Free voice calls and video calls options in the application, you can play with your friends. TRUST certificate, application, security and privacy remarkable features. Also WeChat you can shake your phone, or you can add the application to add a new contact person from the people of your area.

:: WeChat click to download the Android application


Telegram Messenger
Telegram messenger Developed by Russian developers , with attention to safety features. WhatsApp to similar applications with very large decal options. Applications where confidential chat with someone else see your posts, 1 GB ‘to be able to do so file sharing. 200 people until huddle made ​​the Telegram do voice messaging.

:: Telegram click to download the Android application


Unlike other messaging application, you send images and articles are destroyed after a certain period of time. Max will appear for 10 seconds your message you can set all your list , or just that you choose can view the person. Young pretty popular applications by users, have a wide range of users.

:: Snapchat click to download the Android application


Line Messenger
Application made ​​by Japanese developers, voice calls and video calls have features. Stickers has a fairly wide range of users thanks to the application where you can make fun of your messages. More than 52 countries, the most commonly used applications Line , free can be used.

:: Line click to download the Android application

So This post is all about Best messenger apps for Android.I hope you find this useful. Thanks for reading


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