When your Mobile data credit begins to reduce without you using it to browse or make calls, know that some applications are connecting to the internet without your permission. Apart from the data usage, your battery will also run down frequently. My friend complained of this recently and I had to find him a solution which I am going to share with you today. ill Suggest you best ways to block apps from accessing internet without your permission on Rooted & Non Rooted Android devices.I recommend to use Firewall protection on your device to Control/block your data credits

5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android

What is firewall?
Firewall is a network security system based on specific hardware or software. It manages and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of application rules. It controls the access of networks to maintain the security of your system and guards against threats from the online public interaction.

Features of Firewall 1) Human Layer 8 Identity-based Security 2) FUSION Technology 3) Thin Client Support 4) Enterprise-Grade Security 5) Centralized Management 6) Logging & Reporting

DroidWall is work with rooted devices.it was used to prevent apps from unnecessarily using data. Some people, in fact many people now thanks to tiered data plans and soft-caps on “unlimited” plans, have a limit to how much data they can use per month. DroidWall is an easy way to prevent apps from wasting your data credits.

Droidwall root

Another reason for using firewall is to block ads: If an app cannot access the Internet, it cannot display ads. However, if you are looking to block ads, you are better off going with AdFree Android because it works a lot better in blocking ads; with DroidWall users won’t be able to block ads from apps that need Internet access to be used.


  • Front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall.
    Allows you to restrict which apps can access the network.
  • This is the perfect solution if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, or just wants to see your battery lasting longer.
  • For advanced users, it also allows you to manually define custom iptables rules.
  • Please remember to disable the firewall before uninstalling, otherwise you will need to reboot your device to turn it off.

How to use?

  • Click the app to open it.
  • Look up and you will See the WHITE LIST/ BLACK LIST. Click on White List and it will change to Black List.
  • You will also see that there are two boxes beside each application. The first box is for Wireless and the second is for 3G. You have to tick the two of them so that whether you are using your phone’s internet data or Wireless service, the application you have chosen will be blocked from connecting automatically.

5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android

  • When you have finished ticking the boxes for the applications you want to block, press OPTION button and click on FIREWALL ENABLE.
  • Click on OPTION again, then click APPLY RULES.
Droidwall v1.4.9 | Playstore link

 #2.NetGuard VPN (Non-Root firewall)

NetGuard Provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet No-root required.Applications and addresses can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.
Blocking access to the internet can help:
• reduce your data usage
• save your battery
• increase your privacy
 NetGuard is one open source option that not only prevents apps from using cellular data, it also stops them from connecting over WiFi too. Why? Cutting apps off from the Internet prevents them from tracking your usage and reporting back to a distant server. It also reduces bandwidth, saves battery life, and blocks ads.
netgurad vpn
NetGuard uses a local VPN to block Internet traffic. Since the app doesn’t ask for permission to access the Internet, you know it isn’t funneling all of your information off to some distant source. Jus like any other VPN, running the app will display a key in the notification bar. NetGuard bills itself as firewall, allowing you to decide which apps connect to the Internet and which don’t.
no root firewall
  •  Under Settings, NetGuard gives you the option to block WiFi or mobile data for all apps by default. 
  • You can also automatically allow Internet access when the screen is on. NetGuard doesn’t display pre-installed apps by default,you can manually set it to show you those as well.
5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android
By Enabling these settings can protect you from any surprises when you install a new game or app that you had no idea was going to maintain a connection in the background the entire time. On the flip side, some won’t even run without constant Internet access, so you may have to return to NetGuard and grant a few of your favorites all the WiFi and mobile data they want.

#3.No Root Firewall

Firewall WITHOUT ROOT. Host name/domain name filtering, simple interface, fine-grained access control and no suspicious permissions on the firewall app itself. 
no root firewall
  • NoRoot Firewall may not work on LTE because it NoRoot Firewall currently doesn’t support IPv6. I’m working on the fix. 
  • NoRoot Firewall requires NO ROOT. It protects your personal information from being sent to the Internet. NoRoot firewall notifies you when an app is trying to access the Internet. All you need to do is just press Allow or Deny button.
  • NoRoot Firewall allows you to create filter rules based on IP address, host name or domain name. You can allow or deny only specific connections of an app.
  • Features
No root required as the name NoRoot Firewall says.
Fine-grained access control based on IP/host name/domain name.Simple interface. Easy to use.
Minimal permissions. No location, No phone number.
This is the perfect solution if you want a firewall for android without root. It gives you a complete protection for your Android. NoRoot Firewall is like Drodwall for no root users.
How to use No root Firewall? 
  • Open No Root firewall that you have downloaded
  • Now Grant access to Create VPN network By No Root Firewall
5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android 
  • Just wait  It doesn’t take long for the pending access requests to pile up, but neither does it take much time to work through the list to grant or deny access to the apps.
    5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android
  • The NoRoot Firewall lists your phone’s apps and lets you grant or block wireless and cell network access for each.


No – Root Firewall | Playstore

#4.Android Firewall (Root)

 Android Firewall has all of the capabilities of Droidwall. It supports Android 2.2 and greater.
A firewall on Android is a great tool when it comes to the tiered data plans carriers have moved to RIP.
5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android

You MUST enable root applications and kernel for Tethering to function 100% properly. Use your profiles if you don’t want those enabled at all times. Root applications does not mean that Titanium backup or ROM Manager or some other root using app can get out. It simply means that applications, like tethering, that run as root are allowed.
Steps To use Android Firewall
1. Set up your rules.
2. Set up your options.
3. Export your rules.
4. Menu -> Profile Management -> Create Profile
5. Choose which profile you want to create/modify.
6. Choose the rules file you want to assign to that profile.
7. Load the profile through the menu or through the spinner drop down.

Tasker instruction
  • Instructions for Tasker:
  • Open Tasker.
  • Click the Green +.
  • Enter a name if you wish.
  • Choose your Context.
  • Enter a name for your Task if you wish.
  • Click the + to add an Action.
  • Choose Plugin.
  • Choose Android Firewall – Tasker.
  • Click EDIT.
  • Choose the profile you want to use.
  • Click the green check box.
  • To test the profile you can hit the little play button in the bottom right corner.

#5. Android’s Built-In Option

Go to Your mobile Settings > Data Usage to manage your cellular data usage. At the top you’ll find the option to disable access entirely, but that’s usually only necessary under specific circumstances like when you’ve used more than your data plan allows.
5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android

To prevent that from happening in the first place, toggle the second option, Set cellular data limit.
If your plan limits you to 2GB a month, you can set the limit to 2GB, and your mobile data will automatically shut off when you hit the threshold. You can also have your phone provide a warning when you get close.
You can Also Save your Data by  Settings>> Data Usage press options Soft key & Enable Restrict background data
5 Ways Block apps from accessing/consuming the Internet on Android

Now your Data will be safe….


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