5 Must Have Apps for the Summer

Must Have Apps for the Summer

Ah, the good old British Summer. After a long cold winter (particularly this year) there’s nothing better than looking forward to some rest and relaxation, ideally on a beach abroad, but even a deckchair in the back garden will do the job. However, once you’ve instagrammed some photos of those hot dog legs and read a couple of pages of your book, then you’ll need something else to keep you occupied between those dips in the pool or cold drink top-ups. Check out this handy list of must-have summer apps that will not only help to fight off the boredom, but will also come in useful when it comes to getting the most out of any holiday.

5 must have Apps for the Summer


Although you might know every pub in Benidorm intimately, you might be missing out on amazing restaurants, attractions, or even other pubs that you didn’t know about! Simply put, TripAdvisor is an absolute must for the summer, not just for trips abroad but also to find out what’s happening close by.

The beauty of the TripAdvisor app is that users can sort places by device location – so if you’re fancying an ice cream, then the best-rated ice cream parlours will be displayed, along with all the ratings that make TripAdvisor so useful in the first place. That’s one of the reasons it’s also made it onto our best navigation apps list. If you’re looking for somewhere with plenty of outside seating or even an outside bar for example, a quick whisk through the facilities or even a few comments will soon tell you exactly what’s on offer at a particular place.

The other great thing about TripAdvisor is the ability to sort restaurants, bars, hotels, and fun things to do by popularity. This works both ways, as you can either flock to the hottest place in town, or dodge the crowds by going for a less popular, but still highly rated option. Just don’t get too obsessed by reading through the millions of negative reviews, because while they can be entertaining, it’s quite maddening to see how petty some people can be.



If you’re planning your summer holiday right now, then why don’t you already have Kayak installed? Kayak is an all-in-one holiday planning app, which brings flights, hotels, and holiday activity booking all into one super-handy app. As well as this great search functionality, Kayak will also search for the cheapest deals and offers, and automatically add things like flight times and booking confirmations into your calendar or ticket app, cutting down on stress and hassle relating to organisation.

There’s also a great function which allows you to compare certain websites and travel agents, making choosing package holidays or flight and hotel deals much quicker and easier. So instead of printing off hundreds of sheets of paper or writing everything down on an easy to lose piece of paper, add everything to Kayak and let it do the hard work, leaving you to concentrate on having a good time.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo
Wink Bingo is a convenient and fun way to play bingo

What’s the point of lying around doing nothing in the sun if you can’t win some extra cash while you’re at it. Wink Bingo’s excellent app is now fully available on both Android and iOS, is packed with Wink’s great selection of bingo games, promotions and rewards, as well as full access to the helpful and friendly user community. Getting set up is quick and easy, and you’ll just need your credit card details and an internet connection, of course.

Using the app rather than having to rely on a laptop or computer is perfect for taking your phone or tablet out into the garden, so you can still enjoy a few games without having to be stuck indoors. You can even access the app from within the EU too, so if you’re bored on the beach in Benidorm, then bingo balls await. Download Wink Bingo’s excellent app now.

Along the Way / City Mapper

Along the Way / City Mapper
Boring motorway journeys are a thing of the past

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a long car trip to the caravan, beach or to see relatives, and there’s nothing worse than being forced to eat the rubbish food you’ll find at motorway services. Luckily, Along the Way makes trips easier, with the app automatically displaying attractions, pubs, restaurants and things do along your route. This is a great way to see more of the places you’d usually just drive past on the motorway, and makes those plastic £4.99 services sandwiches a thing of the past.

Along the Way is geared towards the American market, so some locations (particularly Scotland) don’t have a great deal of options. This is where Citymapper offers the same functionality, but you’ll have to do more manual searching to find out the best places along the way. Both are available on Apple and Android devices.

Wolfram Sun Exposure App

Wolfram Sun Exposure App
You can keep track of your sun exposure with Wolfram

Staying out of the sun on particularly hot days is a good way to avoid too much UV exposure, but a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without a little bit of time soaking up the rays. The Wolfram sun exposure app does the calculations for you, so you can apply the right sun cream and only spend the correct amount of time in the sun based on your location, complexion and the time of day. There’s also a built-in UV forecast tool so you can see how sizzling the next few days will be, too.

Make sure your summer goes swimmingly by checking out these apps. If you’ve got a business trip coming up, you might also benefit from reading our post about the best free VPN apps. Most are free, and will help you to plan and enjoy your precious break without too much fuss and hassle. Just make sure you don’t spend the whole time with your head buried in your phone.