5 of the best casino games to play on your mobile

It can’t have escaped your attention that in recent years there has been an explosion in mobile technology – as well as huge advances in what the smartphone in your pocket can do. These seismic leaps forward in technology have gone hand in hand with increasing internet connectivity to make activities that were unimaginable as little as a decade ago commonplace today.

The fact that so many people worldwide – 5 billion and rising – carry a smartphone gives you a good idea of just why so much effort is being put by games developers into creating the software to make the most of these devices.

One sector that has been particularly active in driving forwards the quantity and quality of mobile entertainment has been the online casino. These first appeared on the scene around two decades ago as PC-based activities. But as the focus has moved onto mobile, with 2016 being the first year that it eclipsed desktop as users’ favourite way of browsing, they have been quick to adapt.

So now there is a whole generation of casino games that work just as well on a mobile, if not even better than they did on the traditional PC.

Why are mobile casino games so engaging?

The very essence of gambling is that bets are being placed on a random event, or series of events, using the player’s skill and judgement to try and beat the odds. Obviously, in a digital environment it’s vital to try and replicate the randomness of a turn of a card or the spin of a roulette wheel. Online casinos achieve this with a piece of software called a Random Number Generator (RNG) which uses a complex algorithm to replicate the unpredictability of a live game.

Naturally, there is the added complication that games which were originally designed for the far larger screens of laptops or PC monitors need to be reformatted for the more restricted viewing areas of a mobile. But, by and large, this has been achieved very effectively by the online casinos.

There is also the issue of creating controls that work well in the mobile environment and the very best examples use intuitive and user-friendly techniques that overcome these potential difficulties. But how does this translate into the games themselves? Let’s take a look at five of the most popular and see just what kind of a user experience they can promise.


Similar in many respects to blackjack, although a little more complex in its gameplay, baccarat also makes the perfect transition to the mobile medium. This is especially true for live baccarat, which involves considerable interaction between the player and the dealer as each tries to get as near as possible to a score of 8 or 9. It’s worth noting that the numbers on the cards of all card games played on mobile are much larger than a standard deck. The smaller screen of the mobile makes this a necessity that ensures the player can see exactly what they have been dealt and which cards the dealer is holding, too.

With close-ups of the card, cutaways and wide-angled shots, it gives you the best possible view of the action. Check out live baccarat now to see what we mean.


For many, roulette is the quintessential casino game for its combination of glamour, excitement and drama. These are all elements that can be captured perfectly in a mobile experience as the player waits to see just where that little white ball will come to rest.

This is made even more realistic and involving by playing in one of the live casino games that have proved to be incredibly popular. In live roulette, real life dealers run the games in a real-time stream of the action from the casino studio direct to the player’s mobile device.

It makes for thrilling a mobile experience as you’re watching the spin of the wheel that determines whether the jackpot is won or lost.


Blackjack is another game that is very popular, both in the live online casino and the automated version. Its simple rules and reliance on the random drawing of cards mean it’s a game that is easily converted for mobile play.

In the case of live blackjack, an ingenious device called a Game Control Unit converts analogue action to a digital stream that’s wired from a studio to the gamer’s mobile device. The result? The game can be played from the comfort of their own home, or on the move.

This especially works well for blackjack, in which games are often turned around in quick succession, meaning a player can dip in and out at convenient times.


Of all the games available at online casinos, slots are among the most popular. This is because they’re fun and easy to play, with stakes as low or as high as anyone could want them to be.

What makes these especially effective on mobile devices is that the format of the spinning reels fits perfectly on the mobile screen, and the Super AMOLED displays of the latest phones also makes the bright colours and arresting images of the slots look stunning.

The fact that many also share the sort of imagery featuring in smash hit online games like the Candy Crush Saga makes for a perfect pairing.


In line with its increasing popularity, online poker is massive today with millions playing all round the world. There’s also been a huge crossover between the online and real world with players being able to qualify for tournaments by winning online satellites, and many poker pros making a very good living in the virtual world.

It’s because there are so many different games available to suit all standards of player that it has such widespread appeal, and the app design from leading operators ensures that it translates perfectly to the mobile environment.

Looking to the future, it’s certain that online games developers will be making the mobile experience an even more immersive one, with ‘live beyond live’ technology on the horizon – and the twin pillars of virtual reality and AI are certain to play a role in this. There are exciting times ahead as mobile really does move onwards and upwards at an ever-accelerating pace.