What is the anchor text and what is it?
The anchor text or text link , as Anglophone you are, is one of the most transversal concepts in off-page SEO, but I’ve also noticed that there is enough ignorance outside the circles of SEOs about him and why and because nobody nobody is born taught, we will therefore:

What is Anchor Text?

The anchor text or anchor text, is neither more nor less than the words that have a link pointing to a website (in this case, to your website). Neither more nor less than this, though, it is a really important concept that has to do with many factors.

In the early days of off-page SEO value to tell Google about what keywords we were relevant , but of course, it was a caramelito for spammers who saw quickly that simply having many links, and the more quality had better, with the same link text served to position them.

Later Google was slowly changing their algorithm and now it is important to variemos enough, giving priority to echo the brand name on keywords (if you want to know more, we leave a post on tips to vary the anchor text in your links)
Come on , that basically serves to signal to Google of what we are relevant, without leaving the normality of map links pointing to our website.

Is the anchor text important?

Actually it is much more important than you think, for two main reasons:
  1. The off-page SEO today is estimated to weigh around 70% of the total positioning of each of your web pages, and within the SEO off-page links, and the anchor text, it is essential piece.
  2. If your map of inbound links is far from normal, Google will you punish , and since leaving the Penguins and Pandas, and more distant.
In short, the anchor text and the distribution thereof depends much the overall positioning of your site and each of its pages (remember that pages, not sites are positioned), and therefore should never neglect (with all letters) if you do not want to take more than a scare.
In the next installment we ‘ll talk about what distribution should have your link texts , but all in due time, and of course if you liked the article do not forget to share it ,, what are buttons for that side!


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