What is Adsense and How it works • (Introduction)
If you do not know what is google AdSense, you may be losing a good opportunity to make big money with your blog or website. This is the easiest and fastest way to make money on the Internet.

What is AdSense and how it works

The  AdSense is an affiliate program created by Google, where the owners of blogs and websites can sign up to post ads hired on the Google advertising platform and thus be paid for this view.
It works as if you were renting space on your website for Google to insert their ads. In exchange, Google AdSense passes on to the website owner or blogger affiliate, a percentage of the amount paid by the advertiser.

By participating in the Google AdSense program you can generate a great recipe to your site without having to manage relationships with advertisers, as the own AdSense takes care of all of this for you. It is the ideal situation for those who are beginners and those who already have a working website.

Google AdSense is a free service that gives you access to literally thousands of advertisers. In addition, the platform offers dozens of reports, which greatly facilitates the ads performance management and help you promote improvements in search of higher returns. In short, the ideal tool for monetizing sites .

Now that you have an idea about what is AdSense, let’s see how it works.

How AdSense works

The operation of AdSense is very simple. All advertisers who hire to display their advertisements on the Google AdWords tool, you have two options.
What is Adsense and How it works • (Introduction)

The first is to display your links on Google Answers pages, the other car ads display network, AdSense affiliates.

When the advertiser chooses to run on the Google network of partners, this announcement goes to the portfolio of advertisers and happens to be one of the possible ads to be placed on partner sites of the network AdSense . From that moment, Google starts to assess the blogs or websites these ads will appear.

How Google distributes ads

That’s where it starts to become more technical. AdSense differs from other affiliate programs to work with the technology context ads . Instead of distributing the ads randomly among the participating sites affiliate program, Google tries to place them on pages that have to do with the product or service advertised.

When you discover what is AdSense, on a first glance, it seems to be something easy, just put the ads on the site and ready. Not so, and this is just one of the many myths about making money with AdSense . Your own content needs to be analyzed and produced so that Google refer to your site, the ads that pay better.

This is one of the techniques that treat more deeply in our AdSense course , it is one of the key business and master it can mean the success or failure of your business.

Because Google pays AdSense ads

Google AdSense has several criteria for the remuneration of ads, but the best known is the compensation for clicks on ads displayed. It is what we call the CPC – Cost Per Click , one of the key metrics for those working with Google AdSense.

how adsense calculate earnings? CPC system, each time an ad is clicked, the website owner receives a portion of the amount paid by the advertiser to Google. So when you want to make more money with AdSense , the first thing to check is the CPC.

The types of ads on Google AdSense

AdSense offers various types of ads on text formats, images and rich media such as videos for example. You just need to determine what type and size of ads and AdSense is responsible for the selection of the advertising piece that fits your content. adsense ad sizes
adsense ad types & adsense ad units used for customize your ad.

One of AdSense advantages is that it offers a wide variety of ad types and formats. This greatly facilitates the lives of those who want to make money with AdSense , it allows to fit the right format at the right position of your website or blog, one of the great tricks of monetizing a website with AdSense.

As previously mentioned, not enough to know what is AdSense, you need to know the techniques of positioning and space management to really make money with it. Click here to see all the available ad formats.
How do you get your winnings

how Adsense pays its partners

Now that you know what is Google AdSense and how it works, it’s time to learn how to get your profits. The thing also works in a very simple way.

When you create your account on AdSense , you must indicate a bank to receive the amounts that are recorded in your account. Google guides you throughout this process.

Payment is made in dollars through international transfer, once a month for accounts that have a balance of $ 100 or more balance to the 21st day of each month. Payment is made in reais to the dollar converted at the transaction date. You should only take care of the fees charged by the bank.


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