Warface is the last FPS developed by Crytek (Stands for Crysis and Ryse Son of Rome). It is a “free to play” PC game set in modern warfare and we give away more than 400 keys warface codes for free with exclusive equipment and advantages.

At Crytek, when you look for a free-to-play game, it’s not for shooting. Warface , already available in United states, arrives at home in beta with the intention of sweeping the competitors away. An optimized Cry Engine 3, a AAA achievement, a plethora of game modes with co-op dedicated to potential neophytes and a competitive multiplayer platform for old folks, Warface seems to rake wide. But behind a content so ostentatious, the gameplay promises at the height of a market where competition is tough?. You are a movie lover then don’t miss to checkout our free Redbox codes collection.

Free Warface Codes 2018 that Working in March

How to get Warface redeem code? Getting Warface redeem codes is a long process, you will need to join the game contests and win by beating other Live stream gamers but, this could be a long process and you are the one who do not want to wait or spend more time on earning Warface codes? Then you are at the right place. In TechinDroid we give away free warface codes for all. This package includes more than 400 keys of the game, which will offer you exclusive advantages and very special equipment. These codes were generated using Warface code generator and  the keys are distributed in three packs, with increasing value, randomly. Here you have the codes for warface with contents that each of them includes:

Pack 1 (Worth $5)

  • 350 keys will be distributed
  • Permanent GU5 gun
  • Black Hawk permanente
  • VIP Booster 7 days
  • Resurrection coin 5 units
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Pack 2 (Worth $10)

  • 50 keys will be distributed
  • Permanent MT-19 submachine gun
  • ZX84 USP permanent
  • VIP Booster 7 days
  • Resurrection coin 1 5 units
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Pack 3 (Worth $15)

  • 20 keys will be distributed.
  • CH 9mm permanent sub-machine gun.
  • ZX84 USP (permanent).
  • VIP Booster 14 days.
  • Resurrection coin 2 5 units.
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How to Redeem Warface Code

Finally you got the code now its the time to redeem a code on Warface, Here are few steps you can follow for redeem it to your account.

1.) At first go to the redeem page of warface [here].

2.) Login to your account, Once you are successfully signed into your account Now you will find the box with the heading of Enter Code.

3.) Just enter your code in the input box and Click “View Code Contents“.

Warface Redeem Code
warface kredits code

4.) It will show up the contents include in the code, Just click on “Redeem”. That’s all you have successfully redeemed your code.

Warface Tips and Hacks

These Warface hacks & cheats are here to help you supercharge your gaming! Cheats for warface PC.

Deadly DefibKill 10 enemies with the defibrillator.
Marathon DestructionWin 100 Destruction matches.
Eagle EyeKill 500 enemies with the sniper rifle without using the zoom.
Father of all BombsWin 100 Plant the Bomb matches.
Fire in the HoleProduce 10 Grenadiers.
Generosity to the EnemyMake 100 double kills at the mine with Directional Mines.
Gimme a Five!Complete 5 levels in a row on Tower Raid missions.
Going AtomicInflict 100,000 damage to enemies.
Gun MasterKill 10 heavy gunners in the co-op hardcore mode.
High RollerReach rank 10.
HoarderCollect 10,000 crowns.
HumiliatorKill 10 enemies with the butt of the weapon.
HurricaneWin 100 Storms matches.
Last Man StandingEarn 50 FFA.
MeatmanMake 50 Butcher Kills.
Money BagsEarn $ 500,000 at stake
MultifragKill 5 enemies with one grenade.
Office RatKill 500 enemies in Tower Raid Missions.
SaviorRevive 10,000 allies.
Silent HunterKill 100 enemy players using a silent weapon.
Snake in the GrassKill 100 enemies by being inclined to PvP.
Straight AimKill 100 enemies by aiming.
SurvivorComplete 19 levels of sequels in the Tower Raid mission.
Team PlayerWin 10 Team Death Match.
Too big for the elevatorKill a Heavy Gunner in the Tower Raid mission.
Treasure HunterPick up 100 Crowns.
United we StandWin 100 Team Death Matches.
Warface ChiefReach level 70.
Warhead BearerReport the warhead 100 times to its base.
Warhead ChaserWin 10 Capture Matches.

I hope you have success fully redeemed the warface free codes for March 2018 offered by techindroid, And these codes can be only redeemed once so grab it before someone use it. We will keep the codes up to date in the First day of each month.