Using a keyboard set to English is often the best excuse for not writing Spanish accents, vowels, question and admiration marks, and letters like “ñ”. In this article we’ll show you how to type Spanish accent marks on your keyboard based on the US or UK standard layout.

Some programs help with these special punctuation signs, fixing mistakes with an auto-correct feature; however, some signs and symbols might need to be inserted manually or picked off the “symbols” section every time you want to use them. Here we’ll explain how to write these symbols (accents in Spanish) and letter with accents using the keyboard of your computer.

To write accent marks (ü, é, á, í, ó, ú, ñ, Ñ, ¿, ¡) you need to press and hold the “ALT” key on a PC or the “option” key on a Mac, then enter the number listed in each letter using the keypad on the left.

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If you have a MacBook, iMac, iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch with English keyboard, you may have noticed that putting Spanish accent marks  and vowels is somewhat difficult because of the lack of accents in the keys. Here, we will explain what key combinations you must use in order to use Spanish accents and vowels on an English keyboard using a MacBook, iMac PC and other Apple devices accent mark.

You will need:

• A Mac.

How To Type Accents On An English Keyboard

Steps to follow for type Spanish accents on mac keyboard: accent marks on PC

Typing accent marks on mac / iMac

1.) To write a closed accent, i.e. “é”, you must press the keys ‘OPTION key’ + the desired letter at the same time.

spanish accent marks mac a accent mark

For example: if you want to type accented n then you’ll need to Hold down OPTION key and then press “n”, you get (ñ) n with an accent. how to type spanish accents 

2.) To enter a vowel with a diacritic mark, i.e. “ü”, you must press the keys ‘OPTION key’ + the desired vowel simultaneously.

Typing accent marks o with accent

3.) The accents or vowels that can be used with the key combination will appear in your text editor. Just select the one you want, press Enter, and you’re done!

Here are the complete accent symbols with its keyboard shortcut, You can find from this table!

Spanish Accent LetterKeyboard Shortcut
A with an accent mark

OPTION + a = á

Accent over e

OPTION + e = é

Accent on i

OPTION + i = í

Accent on O

OPTION + O = ó

U with accent mark

OPTION + U = ú

Accent n

OPTION + n = ñ

macOS Sierra: Typing accent marks

If you have an apple machine runs macOS sierra you can use this method to bring up the accent characters menu. So let see how to do it

All you have to do is Press and hold a key on that you want to make accent (for example, Hold down the a key) to show the accent menu (If the menu does not appear, the key has no accent marks).

Select a character from the menu (eg á ) by Press the numeric key displayed for the character or use arrow keys to move to the character and select the desired accent by press the space key.


We hope this article will help you with make Spanish (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) on mac. To read more articles like How to type accents And Vowels On An English Keyboard, MacBook or iMac, we recommend you enter our category of Tips And Tricks.



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