Tips to increase performance of android phone
Hello Readers, today i’m going explain how to increase performance of an android phone. increase the performance of android phone For android lovers will certainly always want every android phone that is in use always have enough performance slow term. However, despite being treated with either every day, android will provide the performance continues to decline without us knowing.

It’s good every android device whether it has a tablet or smartphone routine to keep a check on the performance of the device. Well for that surely there is a way to boost the performance android that we can use in each of us wants to make android we are always in a state of high performance.increase performance of your android smartphone without root

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May 17, 2016  Speed up your Android mobile.
One thing is resetting your android device. But this one trick will probably take quite a lot longer because besides reset first we need to back up the data that you have in your android. Especially applications that you have installed apps will inevitably be lost and you need time to install it again.

1. Factory data Reset

1. Factory data reset
As we said above about how to improve the performance of android quite effective in this way, this is one of the tricks that can be said as well as the ultimate trick  all the tips that you know has been done but the performance is still slow. Yes but again by using this trick you require to backup your data first for possible unwanted.
And one of the things that often make your phone truly slow is applications installed on your phone, for which an android os which requires a lot of memory in each applications or games. So it’s good to estimate in advance of each will application that you want to not make your phone feel slow.

And to reset there are several ways you can do first go to settings / settings and to continue to select the backup and reset the factory data reset after that just follow the instructions in your phone, it will automatically reset your own mobile phone. Both use CWM / TWRP to do so by signing CWM / TWRP then select wipe data / user data and wipe cache and reboot.

2. Update your Android

For the second tips or stabbed is to update the software version of Android you use. This of course will make the performance of your phone performance will automatically increase because if you do software update is one of the things that are required if you want the performance of your android.

Check for updates
And to perform an update or a software update is very easy to be able to do because of this feature is definitely there in every android phone which is provided by manufacturer. Only by going to settings> about device / about phone> software update.

3.Remove/Disable Unwanted Apps

the third tip is to remove or disable an app that would not be useful to you, because a lot of people feel with their own smartphone with specs so many installed apps a wide range of applications they don’t use.
Disable unwanted applications Disable unwanted applications
But unconsciously it will make the capacity of RAM which is owned diminishing and the resulting slowdown in the performance of your android. And for that you should subtract applications that are not useful and not useful to be able to reduce the memory capacity of either RAM or Internal Memory that is in use and is actually only hamper the performance of your android phone.

4. Move installed Apps or Games to SD Card

This one will probably be done for most android users who have low specification and also has a capacity of RAM and internal memory is quite small. And it can be said the way this one is the most powerful ways to make your android performance back.
Move installed app to Sd Card
This is because if you install applications that are stored on an external memory card or SD Card, automatic performance of a RAM or the internal memory will be maximized, so the RAM there will be more space and will work with a mild course.

5. Use High-Speed Memory card

Use High-Speed Class 10 SD Card
Memory card storage space on your phone. Phones with low internal memory can get support from a large memory card for maximum storage space. But not only increases capacity but also speed up the mix. You can get between 2 GB to 32 GB worth of storage to support high-speed read / write operations. Always go to a Memory Card Class 6 or Class 10 for your phone if you are looking output.

6. Don’t use Live Wallpapers

You have to love the Android live wallpaper feature. (From other manufacturers) phone with other live wallpapers, but be aware you are made to live badly needs more CPU cycles to run background screen, so fast battery drain. Every time you activate the screen, you not only run your app, as well as live wallpaper.
Well maybe TechinDroid tips to share on this occasion in order to make the performance of android you have either your phone or tablet and headed back into the performance that promises to get you smartphone well again.
Hopefully by listening to the review above, you can do how to increase the performance of android .you have clear many applications are useless. So thank you for your time to listen to our latest review on How to Improve Android performance already begin to slow down.


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