TechinDroid $1000 Scholarship $1000 Scholarship for students who have more talents in science and tech gadgets. is proud to announce this exciting news!

If you’re a college/university/highschool student or know someone who could use a hand, we are offering a $1,000 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP for the 2019-2020 academic year.

All you need to do is to put in your creative side and write a 1000 word essay about any of the following topic:

  • Best dns servers
  • How to Use Snapchat Filters & Geo Filter
  • Can you Play PS3 games on PS4?
  • Disable fast user switching windows 10
  • How to increase download speed

Choose what speaks to you! Tell us about your personal experience or recount what you’ve seen in society or the media. You will be judged on a combination of originality, proof, and persuasiveness.

Feel free to surf through our articles for tech facts and references. You can also search our blog database for like guides. $1000 Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Title: 5K Scholarship Program
  • Open to Undergraduate, Graduate, High school and incoming students
  • Open to the legal residents of the United States and Canada
  • Submission Deadline: December 10, 2019
  • Date of Award: January 20, 2019
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Proof will be required for your GPA and eligibility before awarding.

The scholarship award will be directly sent to the University or College or High School attended, not directly to the student.

All submissions are used only for the purpose of awarding a scholarship. Applicants will not receive a solicitation from or any other party. Applicant information is never shared or sold.

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