Quick Guide for Monetize your Blog & Earn revenue • 2016

What is monetizing sites and how it works

Many people still wonder about what is monetizing sites , a very common expression in articles about making money online, but many people are still unaware or have a distorted notion on the subject. monetizing blogger To give an accurate view of what Website or blog Monetization, TechinDroid prepared this article for you, so you can get a sense of the strength of this business.

The problem you do not know what is monetizing websites is that you may be missing a great opportunity to earn good money with your blog or website content. monetizing blog wordpress When you insert tools monetization on your blog or site, it can become a great source of revenue.

We will show that through the Website Monetization You can find a number of advertisers to your website and thus earn for clicks that are given these ads or purchases that had as source the ads displayed on your blog or website.
How does the monetization of websites
The classic definition of monetization is the act of transforming goods, services, metals, titles, facts, information, money and events.

We call monetization sites to generate revenue for a blog or other site content by inserting ads, links, or any other type of partnership that generate revenue for the site.

Quick Guide for Monetize your Blog & Earn revenue • 2016

Romantic blog time already goes away. Today’s blogs are extremely professional and therefore need to generate revenue.

monetizing fashion blog . A good example is the fashion bloggers , who created a multi-million dollar industry, which has guaranteed them a good financial return and projection in the segment.

Through the Affiliate Programs , we can make partnerships with ad distribution systems, known as Ad Servers, and insert these ads in a blog or website in exchange for a fee, usually in access function generated by this ad or actual sales .

Monetization forms of sites

Now that you know what is monetizing sites, let’s see what your options are.
There are several options to monetize your website:

  • third-party ad insertion site
  • Selling info products and physical products
  • Generating traffic to other sites

There are many affiliate programs that can be used in websites monetization. The important thing is to find one that best fits your site to the public and can be integrated way, not only as propaganda but as part of the content.

The above concept is very important and therefore, in our AdSense course , thoroughly discussed this issue because incorporate so that the ad becomes part of the site’s information flow is one of the great secrets to making money with affiliate programs.

Main tools for Website Monetization

Let us now discuss what are the best tools for monetizing your site because there is no point knowing what is monetizing sites if you do not know what the best tools are to achieve their goals.

The affiliate program better known by bloggers is Google AdSense , Google’s program for affiliates in the distribution of ads booked in your Google AdWords platform. If affiliating to AdSense, you can display various types of ads on your site and earn each time they are clicked.

The program is one of the oldest and is part of any website monetization project, since  Google AdSense is very flexible in terms of ad formats, which makes it much easier in terms of positioning in the various areas for advertisements to display in a blog or website.

AdSense pay per view and number of clicks on these ads. Payment is recorded in dollars and credited to your account in Reais, by the price of the transfer date. It is the best option for those who want to make money with a blog or other website content.

Another widely used program is the Lomadee created by Buscape. There you’ll find many advertisers that offer ads in various formats, such as banners and also affiliate links. It is an interesting alternative to complement AdSense, it allows to work with more advertisers.

The Lomadee works differently from Google way, and most of the time, the compensation follows the model CPA – Cost Per Acquisition , or you will receive a percentage of the sales that are originated from clicks on these ads.

This is not only to understand what is monetization, but also how to adapt these tools to their website in order to make her a complement of information, while generating revenue.

Another affiliate program, which has been growing lately is the Hotmart where you can find many infoproducts as online e-books and courses. The Hotmart paid a commission on the sale of its products, the CPA model presented above.

In an infographic about monetizing sites that publish here on our site you can get a good idea of the various monetization options for a site.

We hope to have given a good idea of ​​what is monetization. monetizing community sites
monetizing websites, monetizing blog sites And now? What do you think to implement some of these tools on your blog or website and make money with them.


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