Pokemon GO is a Pokémon game: this means that it is a simple set of ports, but may require a lifetime to grasp the subtleties, the nuances. And when it arrives in the Pokémon universe with this mobile application in two weeks became a real social phenomenon, not easy to know how. So how much playing Pokémon GO? pokemon go tips What are the best techniques to become a Pokémon master of choice? This is the question that we asked ourselves to give you the best gaming techniques as you begin your game Pokemon Go!

How to play like a pro?

We all in the family cousin a computer that takes us out of the keyboard shortcuts of nowhere. Pokémon with GO, well it’s the same. Except that with our ultimate advice is that you the player will play like a pro in Pokémon GO. In addition to the first advice given by Master Brunus in our guide how to get started with Pokémon GO , here more a more general record on good practices and habits needed to play well in Pokemon Go! Here are the questions we answer in this Guide : – How and why wild Pokémon it appears in Pokémon GO – How to launch its Pokéball like a pro in Pokémon GO – What is the meaning of colors in capturing a Pokémon? – How to earn more XP in Pokémon GO ? – New on 07/25/16: how to win a max of XP with egg Chance? – the best technique to change his Pokémon – How to find the strongest Pokemon? – How to find a Pokemon? – How to win fight in an arena? – How to earn Free Poképièces? – How to spend his Poképièces in Pokémon GO? If you have questions, do not hesitate to seek help from Pokémon masters of Nintendo Power, or give us your own pipes via our contact form! The hunt is on in France so … good game at all! To show that you are a pure play, when the game is started with friends marveled around, press the Pokéball: instead of tapping and then select your topic in the menu, so leave your finger on the screen and go left to access your list of Pokémon, or right to access your list of items. You will gain a little time, but especially the esteem of your peers Pokémon trainers. Guaranteed effect!

How and why wild Pokémon it appears in Pokémon GO?

When a Pokémon appears on your screen, do not say it’s a coincidence. Well … Not that! Indeed, a Pokémon may arise for various reasons: 
– It is expected by the game and so it naturally appears here according to criteria such as the type of environment where you are for example 
– He was attracted by a lure Module asked another player 
– he was attracted yOUR lure Module to learn which method has led to the emergence of this Pokémon where you are, you just have to study the color of the ring around the Pokémon in question on the map. Go a little color code families that goes: – White Ring: natural and normal appearance of Pokémon – purple ring: appearance due to incense posed by another player – pink cloud: you are the only one to see this . Pokémon If you ever see a Pokémon in that famous pink cloud, there is no need to report or to dozens of players who play casually passed you, nor the Poké Radar type applications: only you can see this Pokémon, only you can catch him. Avoid sudden riots and crowds shouting victory for yourself and putting all your energy into catching this Pokémon Pokémon GO offers to you, so just for you!

How to launch Pokéball like a pro in Pokémon GO

The launch of Pokéball will one day be an Olympic sport. Obviously! But we’re not there because we have to learn for the moment to launch our Pokéball correctly. This has an advantage: it allows you to earn extra experience points, allowing you to level up. Level up, for the record, then captures stronger Pokémon as they appear more frequently on your card. And as we never have too much Pokeballs in its equipment, better not to launch ten Pokeballs to capture a single 

To capture a Pokémon, first remember that it is better not to stay in the middle of the road. An obvious advice, but in the madness of the action, you never know! Remember, once the magic of augmented reality past, disable the RA in order to save your battery and make it stationary Pokémon. You will see a ring around the Pokémon you want to capture. In this ring, you’ll see a second colored that it shrinks. The color tells you if this Pokemon is a difficult animal to catch. Your goal is to launch your Pokéball by touching the inside of the ring that narrows. This is what will allow you to gain some points bonus experience with a success indicator of your start: Nice (10 XP also), Super (50 XP costs) or Excellent (100 XP, it starts getting interesting!) so waiting for you according to your shots. in addition to earning XP in addition, a nice run also increases, according malignant who have studied the code of the game, your chances of a successful capture, as does Pokéball the lifter to launch in the twirling before releasing. To earn these points in addition to XP, needless to say it is best to turn off augmented reality. It’s less fun but more effective. You choose !

What is the meaning of colors in capturing a Pokémon?

We explained earlier that it was necessary to take into account the color of the ring that shrinks around the Pokémon to judge the difficulty in capturing it. Indeed, there are 4 levels of difficulty, each resulting in a different color: 
– Red ring: a Pokémon very hard to catch 
– Orange Ring: difficult 
– yellow ring: moderately difficult 
– Green Ring: easy Pokémon as any to catch !
Red, orange and yellow so indicates a Pokémon that will give you a bit of trouble: to capture it, you may need to use several Pokeballs. If you are just a little Pokémon balls, you can count on a few items to help you: 
– Framby Bay: Use this item to reduce the capture of Pokémon from one level of difficulty. Note that this only works once, and if the Pokémon escapes the Pokéball, it would give him a second Framby Bay to renew the capture attempt. 
– Super Ball: This ball is more efficient than conventional Pokeball and allows you to have a better Pokémon catch rates. This item is quite common in Pokéstops and level change presents, but much less common than Pokéball, obviously.

How to earn more XP in Pokémon GO?

GO Pokémon is a Pokémon play. And as such, it is the quality of your avatar in the game: you are a trainer, and the other players will measure your value to your rank. Rank this increases with the number of XP you gain in the game. 10 XP 50 XP here to there, through the 500 XP bonus when you discover a new type of Pokémon that advance faster or slower.

How to win in combat in an arena?

It is believed that the first visit of an arena, once reached level 5, is a fiasco for the majority of us. And for good reason: lack of physical preparation of his Pokémon, lack of explanation from Niantic when you get in the arena … and power of Pokémon left there by trainers already past and winners in the arena … There ‘ was enough for this fight quickly turns into a fiasco and knocks your Pokémon! for a chance to win, different techniques have been developed, but one of the most effective is the following: – Use your strongest 6 Pokémon in an arena, and make sure to give them more power as possible before starting the battle – the beginning of the fight, wait until the screen flashes yellow: at that time, swipe right or left to counter the attack of the enemy. This flash occurs throughout the fight, then you can adopt a pace of flash-avoidance attack until after the battle.

Note that some attacks can not be avoided, but overall you should be good to get out. – The defending Pokémon attack the arena at a rate of one attack every 1.5 seconds: useless to launch two attacks simultaneously.


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