Hello readers, A lot of icons, folders and files might be lying on your desktop. All very important and might be needed for references to your work or anything. Therefore you cannot move delete/move them but want to enjoy the beauty of your wallpapers as well. How about if you could hide desktop icons when not in use and get them back with a click, keyboard shortcut or simple a mouse hover on the desktop? Learn to make make your desktop icons disappear when not in use.

How to Hide Desktop icons in Windows, Mac when not in use

How to Hide desktop icons in Windows when not in use

  • Download and install Auto Hide Icons on your pc
  • Do the settings are per your requirement. Set the timer delay after which it will hide the icons, it can be set between 2 seconds to 100 seconds.
  • Make sure you check Start with Windowsoption otherwise you will have to manually start it every-time you want to hide desktop icons.
  • If you glance at the right side of the software window, you will see click buttons configuration. You can set which mouse buttons will make your icons appears after a click. It can be either left, right, middle or right mouse button(default, can’t be changed).
  • Click on the More Options to get access to advanced options. They consist of keyboard shortcut for displaying icons on the desktop, hide icons automatically when the program starts or showing icons just by hovering the mouse pointer on the desktop alone.

Will the program put unnecessary load on my computer?

Absolutely not. The program uses mere 1.5 Megabyte of your RAM with almost null processor resource usage in 64 bit Windows itself.

How to hide Desktop icons on Mac when idle

  • Try this freeware to hide desktop icons on your Mac. Same and even simplersettings for Mac. 
  • Click and you icons appear on the screen.
  • That is how you hide desktop icons when not in use or simply left idle. 
  • Appreciate the beauty of your wallpapers and themes won’t be a problem from now on as you won’t have to worry about the important files, folders, and icons being moved away.

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