How to compress or reduce picture size without losing quality?

Tips to compress or reduce image size without losing quality

Try to reduce the size of photos (or compress photos) before getting that content to our website or blogreduce image size and keep quality it is one of the most important to improve the loading speed of the same factors.

If the images included in the design of a web page or in the articles of a blog created with WordPress (or any other CMS) are not optimized correctly, they consume a lot of resources of a server or hosting and will do much more slow.

How to compress image size without losing quality?

So if we consider that Internet computer graphics and photographs are the most seductive content, and we use them on our website or blog, knowing what are the main tools to compress photos without losing quality is a fundamental need .

So in this post we will see an extensive list of 10 ways online & desktop applications that allow us to downsize those pictures (or the weight of an image) without sacrificing visual quality in the process.

10 free Tools to reduce image size online without losing image quality

1. TinyPNG
TinyPNG compress image size png
This is the online application to compress photos or to reduce the size of the images that I use in my day. TinyPNG supports up to 20 files at a time of up to 5 MB each.
After reducing the size of the photos automatically, TinyPNG but it allows us to download them one by one, which is a bit cumbersome. But the results and ease of use of this tool made it worth much worth using.
Their facilitates free compress or resize photos image with very little loss of quality.
That is, by selectively reducing the amount of extraneous colors in the image, it will also reduce the size in bytes.
TinyPNG is one of the most powerful services market compress photos. It reduces a large percentage of the weight of an image (sometimes dramatically) only improving the number of colors without any quality power.
TinyPNG also provides a plugin for WordPress free and other payment for compress image size in photoshop, reduce image size mac compatible with Windows and Mac.
 VIsit: TinyPNG

compress image size without losing quality compress image size online is a very easy to use and provides powerful reduction in the size of a photo or photos super compressed optimally.
It reduces the size of the pictures dramatically while a high visual quality of the same, with almost no discrepancy in before or after compression of the image is maintained. accepts files up to 10 MB images of weight, which compress get almost 90% of the original weight. After process allows you to download the photo to your computer or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

This is an online application or plugins for WordPress free to compress photos or optimization of images on the Internet (owned by Yahoo!). With we can reduce the size of a photo without changing their appearance, reduce image quality or lose the size (height and width thereof). enables us to process a wide variety of formats or types of image files (such as: JPG, GIF and PNG). It is also one of the plugins for WordPress known and used in the market.
Although in the past it was one of the main options in image compression services, today there are many others that have been on par or offer far superior performance to it.
4. Compressnow


CompressNow is an online service free of charge to compress photos that supports files in GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG format.

CompressNow allows us to upload a wide variety of image files (up to 9 MB) and choose different levels of weight reduction of the image, preserving the width and height of the original photograph.
 Visit:  CompressNow

5. PUNYpng


PUNYpng is a web service to compress photos without loss of image quality for GIF, JPG and PNG. It’s a bit restrictive, only it allows you to upload 20 images at a time and each with no more than 500 KB in size or weight.
 Visit:  PUNYpng

6. JPEGmini


JPEGmini is a tool to reduce the size of photos or to compress photographs, which significantly reduces the weight of them (almost 80%), retaining most of its high resolution and quality.

JPEGmini has a free online version that gives us up to 20 pictures per day and different options or Premium (or Pro) versions with no restrictions.
 Visit:  JPEGMini
7. Compress Jpeg

Compress Jpeg

Compress Jpeg is a free online application that allows compressing multiple images simultaneously.

It supports image formats JPG, PNG and SVG.
In addition, Compress Jpeg, which supports compress up to 20 photos at a time, makes downloading to create a zip archive with all images.
 Visit: CompressJPEG
8. Web Resizer

Web Resizer

Web Photo Resizer offers a optimizing images for our website. It allows us to do some additional work with our images as cut, resize, enhance images with just a click of a few buttons.

Some other useful features Web Photo Resizer are rotating images, filters resampling, color conversion, etc.
 Visit:  Web Resizer
9. PngOptimizer


PngOptimizer is a simple program to install compress image size windows to compress photos or cleans and reduces unnecessary bytes PNG files.

It also converts other file formats (BMP, GIF, TGA) to PNG without any loss of quality.
This program boasts a photo to reduce drag and drop interface very intuitive and easy to use.
 Download:  PngOptimizer
10. PNGGauntlet


This is a tool compatible with the Windows operating system you can install on your computer.

PNGGauntlet combines services such as PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DeflOpt to reduce photos or compress image size png files without loss of quality.
Likewise, this free application also converts the formats JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files to PNG.
 Download:  PNGGauntlet

If we have a good presence on the Internet with a website that is nice and at the same time is properly optimized for SEO positioning, reduce the size of the photos, reduce image size windows we use it is one of the first things we should do.

Why use a good application that allows us to compress photos without losing quality or optimize the images that we will go to our website, it is essential to try to load it faster.

Although keep in mind that this is only a first step, then it touches many other strategies to implement on-page and off-page SEO to increase the visibility and positioning of the website
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And how do you optimize images to your site?

What other tools to compress photos or reduce size of photos you use?

Leave us a comment. And if you liked it, share it with your friends.


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