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How to Change your IP Address On Windows

How to change your IP Address 2016
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How To Change IP Address 2016 : The Internet Protocol(IP) address is a numerical number which is given to each device which is connecting to the internet using internet protocol.The two main functions of IP address are:
(i) Host identification
(ii) Location addressing
There are two types of ip address dynamic and static. Dynamic IP addresses are those which are temporarily assigned to a computer when it is connected to internet. Static addresses are the permanent ones.Function of IP address is that when a message is being sent from one computer to another IP addresses are used by routers. Message is broken into smaller pieces called packets. IP address information is included into packet header which contains senders and receivers address.
Want to know your IP address:
If you are using windows type ipconfig in command prompt.
Linux users type ip addr show  in terminal
For Mac users ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v
Now as we know that IP addresses play one of the major part in information security online as if one gets access to it then he/she can hack into your private data. So we must secure it. You don’t know ways to secure IP address ?? Well then you are at right place we are here to help you out.We will tell you some software that will help you in securing your privacy online.

How To Change IP Address 2016

Check below best tools to change IP address :
Cyber Ghost is the best VPN that is available in two  versions paid and free. Its features include : protects online privacy, allows unlimited secure browsing but in free version it disconnects after 3 hrs. We can bypass all the web blocking that is done by government censor.It is having no logs or backdoor thus ensuring complete privacy. Moreover its main feature is that is is having unlimited band width for even free users.

It is one of the best free available software that helps in defending our privacy. It is an open source software . It is having an easy to use interface. Just install Tor browser and then we can surf websites in it directly if using on computer. If you download app then open it an turn it on and then you can visit any site with full privacy.


Easy hide IP is the paid IP hiding software.which is simple to us and has many features. We can choose any country that we wish to be seen in and we can also choose any IP address  In classic mode we can get through any firewall.WE can choose which browser will use VPN software.

How to Change ip address
IP hider pro is a best software that is available.With this software we can browse websites with confidence.We can choose any country that we want and can anonymously make any connection. We can select application for which we want to hide our privacy.It can change our IP every 1,5,30 or 60 minutes for extra  protection.

How to Change ip address
This is a good software for protecting the privacy and is allowed in free and paid versions.We are protected from hackers as they will not be able to find original IP address.We an send anonymous emails.Remain protected while sending emails from Yahoo. hotmail etc. Moreover we can select physical location of our own choice and can visit restrictedwebsite

How to Change ip address

It is the powerful program that can hide our IP address and is very easy to use. We can hide proxies by adding multiple proxies and surfing rules.In this we can use proxies in different countries at same time.It is also having both free and premium version.

It is a program that prevents hackers from hacking our private information by making us anonymous on web. It uses IP rotation service for this.We can configure proxy services as we want and can protect certain applications or all applications.

How to Change ip address
It is one of the best open source software that is able to protect our IP by creating a secure private network when we are in a public network.It uses 128 bit encryption which means we can trust this app more than anything.

This software is available in free and paid version. This software protects our IP and allows us to surf anonymously.We can byepass internet censorship and restrictions.We can secure online information with HTTPS security.Moreover it also protects us from phishing sites.
How to Change ip address

This one is one of the most expensive and best VPN software that is available. There is no free version of this. We need to create an account to use this software.Having servers in over 190 countries it provides very fast connection speed. Moreover it provides 30 days money back guarantee.

How to Change ip address

So, this is all about on “How To Change IP Address 2016“ trickspro.in . with these best and my favourite VPN software that are available to change or hide IP address. Try any one of them and protect your online privacy. If you are having any question related to VPN or a new software in mind that we missed out, please let us know in comment section below.


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