Windows doesn’t let you change Desktop wallpaper & customize start menu background unless you are activate windows. you’ve probably noticed that you can’t change the background through the Personalize area of the OS. Does this mean that you’re stuck with an ugly, solid colored background?
How to Change the Wallpaper & Start menu background on Unactivated Windows 10
Nope! You can change the wallpaper, you just have to do it a little differently. i will share you a trick to change your wallpaper without activating windows.

How to change wallpaper without Activating windows

All you need to do is save the image to your PC. Do so by right-clicking it, and then clicking Save image as… Now, head to the folder where you save images, and right-click the one you saved, and then click Set as Desktop Background.
Now, you’ll the image you choose on your desktop, through the text overlay showing that your copy of Windows isn’t valid will still be there.
If you’re using Internet Explorer, or a browser that has the option to set an image as a wallpaper via the right-click context menu, then you can change the background of Windows by right-click the image, and then selecting Set as Desktop Background

If you’re between activations, or using an evaluation of version of Windows 10, this quick tip will help you give it your own personal style!
Also you can customize your start menu background by using this Free ware


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