Why is my Google play store not working? Well there a little misconfiguration between the google apps & Play store app on your smartphone can be the main reason behind this glitch. Its usual that the Play Store app shows error codes or stopped working day after day usage. In this Article we will show you How to fix unfortunately google play store has stopped error on Any android phone.

Did the Google Play Store stopped working or do you always get the message “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”? Everyone with an Android smartphone has experienced it before. If it happens then you obviously want to know what the problem is. What is the situation and how did the problem arise? The notification comes when there is a conflict in the software that makes the Play Store App stop working properly. Where this comes, though, differs.

The Play Store can stop while downloading apps, not opening them when you press them or crash when you’re looking for an app. Whatever happens, there is a solution for it. Here are the steps you can try to solve the problem:

[Solved] Google Play Store not working: Unfortunately Google play store has stopped

Things to do

  • Check the internet connection
  • Disable new apps
  • Reboot the smartphone
  • Check date and time
  • Install the latest version of the Play Store
  • Clear Play Store cache


  • Clear Play Store data
  • Clear data and cache Google Play Services
  • Update Google Play Store
  • Reinstall Google account
  • Delete updates
  • Reset to the factory settings

Check the Internet connection

It is one of the simplest solutions but is often forgotten: check the internet connection. If you do not have a connection to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, the Google Play Store will not work properly. Switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data once or vice versa and check if the problem still occurs.

Disable new apps

If you installed a new app just before your problems with the Google Play Store app, it is possible that this app is getting in the way. Switch the app off and check if the problems still occur.

Reboot your Phone

When it comes to problem-solving, restarting the smartphone is one of the most used methods. Does the phone jam or can you no longer open an app? Rebooting the smartphone works flawlessly in most cases. It is simple, fast and effective in solving complications. Restart the smartphone and see if the Play Store still stops.
Check date and time

If the time is not set correctly then this can cause problems in the Play Store. The app store checks the date and time of your smartphone, and if it is not correct, the Google Play Store may no longer work. To solve this, set the date and time automatically in the following way:

  • Settings> System> Date and time

If the setting is not yet automatic, check the setting. The time and date provided by the network are then used. It is also possible to switch this off manually and to enter the date and time, but that is usually not necessary.

1.) Install the latest version of the Play Store

Google Play Store is one of the standard apps that comes with a new Android smartphone. However, it may happen that for some reason an update did not go well so you can no longer connect. Re-downloading and installing the Google Play Store can help solve the problems.

Clear Play Store cache

It can help to solve the Google Play Store problems by emptying the cache. This is a storage space that is temporarily used for data. You do this in the following way:

  • Settings> Apps or Application management> Google Play Store> Delete cache

In the Application Management screen. you have to scroll down a bit to find the Google Play Store settings in the list of apps. After emptying the cache, check whether the Play Store still stops or displays the message.

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Clear Play Store data

If you have already tried many options, you can choose to clear the data from the Google Play Store. Please note, this also removes certain stored information in the Play Store app such as your login details and other account information. Make sure that you have your login details on hand so that you can log in easily. The data can be deleted in the following way:

  • Settings> Apps or Application management> Google Play Store> Clear dataClear data play store

Update Google Play Store

If your smartphone does not automatically update the apps, it may be that Google Play Store is outdated. Installing the latest version can help to solve the problem. You can check if Google Play Store is up-to-date in the following way:

  • Open Google Play Store> Menu> Settings> Play Store version

Play Store version

2.) Clear data and cache Google Play Services

The Google Play Services in the background ensures that all apps can communicate with the smartphone so you can get notifications on your screen, for example. Emptying the cache and clearing the data works in the same way as with the Google Play Store app. You do this in the following way:

  • Settings> Apps> Application management> Google Play Services> Clear data (Clear cache)

3.) Reinstall your Google account

This step is best done only if you have the login details of your Google account at hand. If you do not remember this, skip this step. Problems with the Google Play Store app may be solved by removing your Google account from your smartphone. This can be done in the following way:

  • Settings> User and backup> Accounts> Google> Press the email address> Menu> Delete account

Here is the step by step guide to Sign Out of Google Play Store from your android phone.

If you do this, your Google account will be deleted from the smartphone. After clearing, you can add your Google account again.

4.) Delete updates

The Google Play Store app is one of the apps that you can not delete. However, you can clear the data, empty the cache, and delete the updates. Removing these updates may solve the problems. You do this in the following way:

  • Settings> Apps> Application management> Google Play Store> Uninstall updates or Disable.
  • Note! If you click on disable option, don’t forget to enable it back.

Uninstall updates play store

After removing the updates, you can update the Google Play Store app to the latest version. Check whether the Google Play Store app still crashes or ends.

Reset to the factory settings

If no other option works and you have almost given up, there is a last resort: to reset the smartphone to the factory settings. This is not something you just do: all data will be erased from the smartphone. All photos on the smartphone, the apps you have downloaded, your music and much more are erased. If you opt for this drastic measure, always make a backup and check whether the backup has been successful. Only when you have done this you can reset the smartphone to the factory settings. This can be done in the following way:

  • Settings> User and backup> Backup and restore> Restore factory data

Confirm your choice and the smartphone will be like new again, just as it was when you bought the smartphone. Log back into your Google account and a part of your data will be automatically restored to the smartphone.

Has one of these solutions helped and the message “Google Play Store has stopped” does not come back? or Still google play store keeps stopping? Let us know in the comments.


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