Have you gotten tired of having the same username on Instagram? If you’re changing instagram username for a more creative alternative or just to give a little style to your account, then you’ve come to the right post, because in techindroid we’ll explain in simple steps how to change username on instagram. Discover how to rename your Instagram user and thus renew the look of your account.

How do i change my instagram username 2020

Can you change your instagram username?

Yes it can be editable as like other social medias, Steps to follow for change instagram name on Android / iOS: It’s not that hard to changing your username on instagram, in TechinDroid we have clearly showed how to change your instagram name in five steps so keep reading this easy tutorial.

1. As i said changing the username of Instagram is a very easy task, however, it is important that you are clear you are not changing your instagram name but only its username (Your public instagram profile url), for clarity, it’s the name that appears in the header of your account, just as we noted in the image you see below.

2. To begin, Login to your Instagram account with your username and password. Once inside you must press the “doll” icon that is in the lower right corner to access your profile settings.

3. Once inside your account, select “Edit your Profile” to access all the options that you can change username of your Instagram.

instagram usernamechange username instagram

4. When editing the profile you’ll see that in the second alternative is your Instagram username, this is the option that can be modified by adding the name that you see fit. Note that the use of a specific name can be subject to availability and that is if another user is using it may not be possible to modify it.

5. So it is easy to change your name on Instagram, however, keep in mind that doing so may lead your current followers to not recognize you so easily, so it is an action that should be thought twice.

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