There are a lot of Great music players Apps for ANDROID, and it’s next to impossible to make a broad “best” statement that applies to everyone. But that doesn’t stop the powerful, lightweight, and customizable PowerAmp from winning our hearts for the best music player Apps for Android.

Best Music Player Apps for Android
The Google Play Store has many music related apps to choose from, but some do stand out from the crowd. It’d be impossible to look at all of them, so here we’ve chosen some that we think are some of the best there is. Let’s take a look.

1. PowerAmp Music Player

    Poweramp is the best music player app ever. It offers a list of features long enough that we could sit here talking about it all day. But, if you’re serious about your music, you should definitely take a look. Making that easier is the free 15-day trial. No barriers, just full access for that 15-days to see whether you like it or not. You can use Lucky patcher to Unlock the full version of the app.

    PowerAmp Player

    & Im sure that you will like it. It has a much different visual look (Blurry background As per Album poster)  to something like Double Twist, but looks just as fantastic in its own way. Big album artwork in the “Now Playing” view, a crisp and clean layout and some pretty amazing customizations. Poweramp supports themes and has a bunch of tweaks you can make in the settings, so you can really create the music player you’ve always wanted.

    PowerAmp Android

    With a ton of different files supported, a view to look through your folders, an equalizer, crossfade, gapless, and much, much more, Poweramp is definitely one of the best music players on Android.


    2. DoubleTwist Cloud Player

    DoubleTwist is delicious music player and podcast manager with music sync functionality. DoubleTwist player has Over 100 Thousand five star ratings . It has a beautiful responsive UI That makes easy to use it. It manages podcasts ,or sync iTunes playlists& You can Airplay music and videos from your Android with the optional AirSync purchase. Double Twist music player has been Recommended by NY Times ,BBC, Wall Street jurnal.

    DoubleTwist cloud player

    We’re not discussing about hooking into streaming services, either. Create your own cloud streaming library with your own music, a Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive account and DoubleTwist Cloudplayer. Access to these is unlockable via an in-app purchase, but the basic app is free. And the basic app will also play your lossless FLAC files.
    DoubleTwist player Android

    That in-app purchase will unlocks Chromecast and AirPlay support and the equaliser tools to help you get the more control your music. And like the older app you can still use it to listen to radio and podcasts, too, as well as now having support for both Android Wear and Android Auto. A pretty well stocked one stop shop for all your audio needs.

    3. Google Play Music

    Google Play Music is one of the most interesting Music Player for Android .We all Know about that

    Not only it allows us to store all our music cloud free, but has a premium music streaming service from which you can access thousands of titles that are not in our library.

    Google Play music

    Google Play Music: Access music offline or streaming online. Google Play Music is a combination of a device-based music player and streaming music utility.

    The radio station feature is a great way to set and forget about managing the music during a party or other gathering where you want background sounds.


    4. JetAudio Music player

    jetAudio is a long time favorite of Android users because it has enough features to be better than most, but still simple enough for everyone to use. This one features a variety of audio enhancements that come as plugins so you can tweak your music experience a little more than usual. On top of that, it comes with an equalizer (complete with 32 presets), simple effects like bass boost, a tag editor, widgets, and even MIDI playback. The free and paid versions are virtually identical with the paid version adding themes and removing advertising.
    JetAudio Music player

     By purchasing pro version will unlock more features on this music player

     5. PlayerPro Music Player

     PlayerPro Music Player is another lesser popular music app that should be getting a little more traffic. It features a good looking interface that makes everything easy to use along with skins that you can download and install for more customization. It also includes support for playing video, a five band equalizer, various audio effects, widgets, and some fun little features like the ability to shake the phone to get it to change tracks. It’s fun to use and looks good.
    PlayerPro Music Player

    This application is an advanced music and video player for Android devices.

    PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several FREE plugins to complement it: Skins, DSP Pack, Widget Pac.


    6. Neutron Music Player

    Neutron Music Player is another best music player that isn’t nearly as popular as it probably should be. It features a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that is (according to the developers) independent of the Android OS that is supposed to help make your music sound that much better. It also has a lot of other features, including support for more unique file types (flac, MPC, etc), a built-in equalizer, and a host of other “audiophile specific” features. It’s a bit expensive, but many swear by it.
    Neutron Music player

    EQ, Surround, Crossfeed and other digital sound effects. It can play music from almost any source including network devices with SMB/CIFS or UPnP/DLNA® support.
    Neutron is developed for audiophiles and those who really in love with music. Consider using Hi-Fi/Hi-End audio hardware for best results.


    7. Pulsar Music Player

    Pulsar is probably the best completely free music player out there right now. 
    It comes with a design that is heavily inspired by Material Design along with many of the basic features like tag editing, gapless playback, smart playlists, a sleep timer, and scrobbling. Puslar also has Chromecast support, which is awesome. 
    It’s not as feature heavy as some of the paid options, but that can be either good or bad depending on what kind of music experience you’re looking for. It’s not bad if your wallet is a little light and there are themes to add a bit of customization.
    Pulsar music player
    Pulsar support standard music file types including mp3, aac, flac, ogg, wav and etc.
    If you cannot find your music in Pulsar, please click “rescan library” menu item from action bar to rescan device.
    Pulsar support standard music file types including mp3, aac, flac, ogg, wav and etc. If you cannot find your music in Pulsar, please click “rescan library” menu item from action bar to rescan device.

    8. Shuttle Music Player

     Shuttle Music Player had been growing steadily for a while. However, the developer took some time off to work on a rebuild of the app and, thus, Shuttle has been a little light on updates for a little while. Currently, it comes with a Material Designed interface, a six band equalizer, support for lyrics, gapless playback, a sleep timer, and customizable widgets. It also comes with quite a few theme options for those who like to make stuff look good. It’s a viable option, but keep an eye out for that rebuild!
    Best Music Player Apps for AndroidBest Music Player Apps for Android  Best Music Player Apps for Android
    Choose from a huge number of themes, customize your layout, or change what happens when you plug your headphones in. Shuttle features a vast array of customization options.Everything you need right at your fingertips – but never in the way.

    This post is all about The Best Music Player App for Android device. Try these apps and comment below


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