Adsense Banned? While AdSense Adserving has been disabled you can discuss your questions in this section

Hello Readers, who all banned from Adsense .You can regain access to your adsense account.There is a form that you can submit your site to appeal from ban/disabled .The opening of the disabled ad serving. If you send the form to make the necessary adjustments based on the following links to your site Adsense policy rules are likely to be opening your domain.
Policy Violation Appeal Form:

Form Filling instructions

  • Your name that you use in your Adsense account, Adsense entry publisher ID number do you can immediately see on the top right after you and your site, 
  • simply type the URL of your banned sites enter the identification number of the problems that your e-mail after the ban. 
  • The most important thing: ” What changes you have made ?? to your site to ensure compliance with our program policies? . 
  • Fill It’s like having a serious manner in job applications. 
  • If you specify your site which makes it convenient to go and why you and banned from politics if he wants anything like your site’s AdSense ad serving has no reason to be enabled.


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