This time I want to share some tips that will make your smartphone work 100%. 5 Tips to make your Android mobile or tablet  perform faster. Also, I want to speak of the main reasons why the battery of our team is finished quickly. Maybe you do not want to be an expert in Android, but it never hurts to learn something new.

5 tips that will improve the performance of your Android:

1. I have received many messages from Facebook lately, commenting that his team is slow, because just installed a new version (no matter what) 

it is more likely that the software is not entirely stable. To improve performance do the following: We are writing to configure, on the phone>Settings>About phone, to find build number below, we click five times until it says you are already a Devoloper. Back and we look at the menu and enter Developer options. We will modify three options window animation scale, transition animation scale and scale-length animation. In all we chose animation disabled.

2. Most phones have a NAND memory in which are stored junk files, will use the application to restore ex: clean master, 360 ,security etc. To use the application , you must have Root Access . More details How to Increase the speed of any android easily .

3. For save the battery of your phone to last a little longer have to think seriously about changing your Disable Live wallpaper. If you have installed the Facebook application as recommended it is to look for alternatives, because you spend enough resources.

4. We went out to the street with mobile data and Wi-Fi on. Shutdown is most convenient. In the case of Wi-Fi to be activated it is detecting all networks that are around us. That is, it is an unnecessary expense.

5. It is advisable to Switch off Your Mobile at least once a month. There are applications that are not running correctly (bugs). When performing this action, team performance will improve significantly. 


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