5 Things to consider before mount a successful online store
With continued growth of online shopping, it is a reality to mount an online store is a great opportunity to sell your products and make new businesses that we can bring a lot of revenue. in this post i have shared ecommerce store ideas ,how to create ecommerce store
However, as with any project, after having the idea always you need an initial planning, strategy and take a number of very important decisions.
It is then, when everything starts to make more complex and become more complicated.
All this helps to put stones in the way of any entrepreneur.

Is it really so difficult to mount an online store?

The beginnings of all business not usually easy, so mount an online store is no exception.

However, you can always learn from those who already did previously.

Fortunately, today many entrepreneurs share their valuable experience. This way others can take note and learn everything you need to get mount a successful online store.
how to set up an online store and that this be successful?

Want to know how to set up an online store and that this be successful?

A few years ago I had the same desire that you yourself may be experiencing at this time.

A kind of uneasiness to create something striking, while according to the new trends in order to conquer the podium of successful and innovative companies in the industry.

At the end of the day, it is an aspiration that is not only natural, but even healthy.

In the guide you will read below, I will share with you my personal experience that it may be useful when you set up your online store.

And in order that this store grow and meet your expectations.

Following the methodology you’ll find in this article, you are sending a message to a niche market very promising:

The people who need to buy gifts and have no time to go out and find them.

It all started, as with almost everything, with a simple idea.

From that time until today it has been three years of growing and thousands of satisfied customers (and a few, of course, not as satisfied).

Where do i start to build my online store?

The first thing to do is an inventory of, on the one hand, choose the best online store builder, you have right now and on the other, you have to develop so that your online store selling work as it should.

When I speak of inventory, I mean not only that includes the financial and material, but also intangibles such as:

  • Knowledge
  • personal and business network
  • Support staff
  • Geographic location

For this stage I investigated the elementary concepts of a book called Personal MBA Josh Kaufman.
Personal MBA Josh Kaufman

1#. Ability to create value

Do you have a clear idea of ?? the needs and desires of the people?

Ideally meet a specific need and precise.

In my case, my shop helps people who have, almost by commitment, to give a gift and not have the time to go out to buy it, wrap it and deliver it.

But it is not just about identifying the product you are selling, but also to create or improve it.

This is something elemental, because if you have a product that people can find elsewhere will have to compete on price.

And believe me: you do not want to have to rely on low prices as they get lower returns.

Later I’ll show you how to quickly identify which products to market, but the key is that you get ahead of this possibility before it occurs.

2#. Marketing

Already you have clear which channels you will use to get your message across to the right people, at the right time and at the price indicated?

You can have the best product on the market, but if you do not share with the right people are going to waste a lot of resources that you will need later.

Mainly you should focus on identifying those channels that do not involve a lot of financial investment and that allows you to steady growth over time.

Now ask yourself Where do you go when you need something?

Well to find it on Google!

Therefore a SEO strategy organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the first thing you should include in your marketing action plan.

That is, reach the right person at the right time.In this case, they will come to you.

Of course, you can do activities with other tools: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads , Email Marketing, Banners, sponsored content and others.

But all have been overcome, visits and sales, organic positioning strategy I suggest you.
And what about creating content to build your online store? 

It is very fashionable to talk about marketing content creation .

They can combine different initiatives through a blog to integrate with the website to talk to potential customers of issues that may be of interest.

Like, for example, give tips to make a safe purchase , or on issues related to relationships and even tourism.

Of course, a clarification: the fact that the other channels have not yielded the same results, does not mean that the same will happen to you.

Not all businesses have the same behavior, so I recommend you try various channels until you find the one.
3#. sales 

Essentially, if you do not sell, you do not generate revenue. And go to market means just that: sell.

When you have an online store the most important indicator that must measure called conversion rate

The conversion rate is measured by dividing the number of sales by the number of visits you have the portal in a given period.
Here’s an example: if you have 3 sales in one day and receive 100 visits on the same day, then your conversion rate is 3% (3/100).

Your goal and that of all who are in this business is to increase that conversion rate.

For this you must back two steps back (the first point) and check if you are giving real value to all your visitors.

To do this you should check the user experience . (Upcoming Articles)

You’ve probably read about it in thousands of sites, but it is worth remembering because of its importance.  In fact, it can be a determining success or failure in e-commerce factor. create online store without inventory

There is a book about user experience called “Do not make think” by Steve Krug whose title, for me, sums it up .

A tip: Never take anything for granted.
The web visitor can not see the same as you or your designer things.

However, there is a truth as a house: the simpler, shorter and clearer the buying process, you will see more money in your bank account.

Your task is to reduce, as much as possible, any “friction” that may arise in the experience for the user at the time of purchase.

One tool that has been of much help, is to use a real-time chat.

Zopim  is the chat system that have most used and which has given me more satisfaction.

This tool can answer questions in real time and, so to speak, “close sales” that would be lost otherwise.

zopim for e commerce store

What to do with the failed sales?

There is something that works, and very well: when staff are not giving customer service, you can take contact those who had not specified a purchase to see what happened.

Sometimes it happens that the customer was initiating the purchase, I was distracted by something else and did not close the operation because … I just forgot.

Therefore this simple call or message is an example of a proactive way to recover sales.
4#. Delivering value

In this step, the user has already placed all their trust in your site and decided that yours is the best.

Now it is your duty to fulfill your promise of value that the customer is satisfied.

One of the things that has helped me personally create online store software most is to have a customer service staff who worry that deliveries are expected as each client.

In this section, everything is important, since the integrity of the product and the way it is wrapped (gifts in our case), to how and when it is delivered.

In this simple description I offer you four detailed items. If one of these fails have a problem, and the magnitude of the problem depends on the type of customer.

If someone reasonable and understand that the delivery was delayed or mislaid by an error of the logistics company and is willing to wait a little longer, you have a small problem … It is better to solve as soon as possible.

If this is not the case, and do not fulfill the promise of value and someone demanding delivery, you will probably have a headache.

As always, it is best to avoid these situations.

And how?

Through a “pinpoint” logistics planning and a strong quality control of the products you are offering.

Now, from the first day you ride an online store, you have to have in mind something very basic:
Returns or breaches of warranties are factors that are always going to cost you money .

 5#. Finance

Or what is to say, in its ideal state, that revenues are greater than expenses.

I must confess that finances have brought me a great challenge in assembling an online store, as this business model is different from the traditional model.

And if you do not believe me, I Just ask my accountant …

In e-commerce it is important that you clear your cash flow of money every month because with this information can analyze whether your business is profitable or not.

And above all, very important: make sure the software that runs your store create online store wordpress has a billing system according to your country.

For mine use Impulsepay which is a well known software worldwide on issues of electronic commerce (as well as that is more focused on the needs of US industry).

So which technology should be used to mount an online store ?

which technology should be used to mount an online store

For the issue at hand, I curiously spoken very little about what software to use, right?

And it is precisely on that’s what I focused to ride my online shop 3 years ago in technology.
The reason to start for 5 areas that you should keep in mind when starting your online store selling is because they are basic steps to consider, with or without technology.
The latter is a vital tool, but there are other elements to consider before focusing only on the technical.
Initially I opened my own store with a technological product, although during the three years of road traveled I made some significant changes.
The last change was made ??a year ago, choosing Magento. And yes, technology has been very helpful.

Magneto E-commerce billing provider

But I’m honest: If you’re using Magento, you better have access to a good PHP developer. It is a very technology, very complex.

Other technologies like PrestaShop , which also work wonders. create online store website

WordPress , which is much easier to configure than the previous two, has templates and e – commerce technology can also be used.

The best known is WooCommerce . Another option that is gaining momentum is Shopify .

All these options have some involve both technical and business knowledge.
That’s right: if you have no experience, you also have other options to fall back on.

If you already have the product, you can perfectly start with third-party platforms like Amazon or Ebay.
The costs of these systems are the fees that they will charge for each sale, but they are a very good starting point to learn about promotion, logistics, pricing policy and also on how profitable it can be to have own shop.
Remember that there are people who have managed to create multi-million dollar business under this system.
Well, now it is the turn to speak of the product.  Here’s a quick guide for you to learn to assess which of them focus your sales efforts.

How to choose your first product?

As I said at the beginning,  rather than the product itself, it matters the user: their needs and desires.
If you have a good level of traffic and sales it is because people need what you offer and Google searches for a solution is create online store free

And here comes the most important question you should ask yourself:
How important it is for the people what they are going to offer?
It can be something very obvious (medicine, for example) or something that is not so obvious (mandalas books for adults looking for a relaxing activity). But whatever it is, if people do not need have nothing to do.

Choosing products with higher demand

A good starting point to mount an online store, is to identify the products most currently sold and then make a list indicating a trend.
Go to the most popular sites like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and analyzes Kickstarter and what new products that are most in demand are taking.
Let’s look at a practical example of how I would do a search for these products.
Suppose you want to provide a product “X” to people who are passionate about outdoor activities.
Here you can find (I will select only 3 products per store):
In Amazon highlights the following bracelets with intelligent sensors:
Xiaomi Mi Band H1, the new bracelet with heart rate sensor.
Set of two bracelets survival whistle, rope and lighter.
Polar M400 – Clock integrated GPS training and activity log with H7 heart rate sensor.
On Ebay , however, dominated some survival items:
Survival Kit Beanie
Glove Military Tactical Airsoft
Salomon Speedcross 3

To Kickstarter , the products most in demand in the market are:
The best jacket world travelers
Pono Music
Smart Wireless Headphones
Finding these 9 products was an exercise that took me less than an hour, so it costs nothing .
Very good! Now that you have some idea product …

What should you do?

Well find a supplier of the articles that appeal to you.
No need to get started with a huge amount, but with very little. As you see results, you can gradually increase the volume of business.
When you have a respectable volume of sales, you should look for a wholesale supplier to give you better prices. And if you do not find in your city, try elsewhere ( Alibaba , for example, is a more than acceptable option).
All right! I hope this simple guide on how to build an online store is you sufficient support to mount your own.
For my part,sharing of ecommerce store builder free ecommerce bookstore template it has been a pleasure to share with you my experience about all you should think before buying a domain, hosting and a template to start selling online.


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