3 best ways to update samsung Android Latest Version
Android OS development from year to year more and more rapidly, each vendor would certainly give the OS upgrade as long as they are marketed smartphone supports the latest operating system. Samsung became one of the major vendors are Upgrade Android OS on the phone that they are marketed, and if you have an HP Samsung Android, and want to know How To Upgrade Android OS, please refer to the information of TechinDroid this time.best way to update samsung galaxy s4.

The purpose of the OS upgrade is to improve the performance and stability of the smartphone, because there are bugs or errors.best way to update samsung galaxy s2. Besides the development of the Android OS will offer the latest features and enhancing the performance of the operating sytem, ​​so it needs an OS upgrade continuously to maintain the performance of your Android smartphone.

Not all Samsung mobile phones will get Android OS upgrade, due to the limitations of the specification used on the smartphone.best way to update samsung galaxy s3 For those of you who buy HP Samsung with production above year 2013, you can feel Kitkat Android OS update, even Android Lollipop for a particular type.

How to Upgrade Android OS on HP Samsung also relatively easy and not complicated, because Samsung already provides several features and applications that will facilitate users. For those of you who do not know how How to Upgrade Android OS on Samsung mobile phones, we will present the tutorial below.
update samsung Android Latest Version
1. Upgrade OTA (Over the Air) without wires
The first way is to do a direct upgrade from Smartphone OTA (Over The Air). This method is the easiest method because it does not need to use a computer and a cable but you have to use an internet connection to update them on the Android OS on your phone, and on the way through the OTA upgrade the Android OS is as follows.

Go to Settings> (More)> About device> Software update> update.

This will automatically download updates to the OS, but you must be careful because you have suggested a stable internet connection so it is better to use a Wi-Fi network. Also make sure the internal memory is enough to avoid damage due to running out of internal memory, and not to run out of battery power because once select downloading the HP Android you will automatically restart and install updates to existing.
2. Computer with cable
How to Upgrade Samsung’s third Android OS using Driver Samsung Kies. You stay install the software to computer you use. Once installed you just run the application, and notifications will appear when you update the latest firmware / or the latest OS update your kitkat.

After that you just follow the instructions on Kies device you have installed, and your phone will automatically restart itself. Have Samsung Kies software does not support Linux devices, so must use a Mac or a Windows computer that has a specification minimum 1GB Ram and Dual Core 2  processor.
3. Visiting Service Center
How to upgrade the Samsung Android OS easiest, you just come to a service center, to help to be in your mobile phone OS upgrade 😀. Samsung does have good after-sales service and evenly throughout Indonesia, which is why the price of Samsung mobile phone is priced expensive compared to other Android devices.

The third way Samsung’s Android OS upgrades above can easily be done by yourself, but you need to remember that not all Smartphone Samsung getting Android OS upgrade, especially HP Samsung are priced cheap. Thus tutorial How to Upgrade Samsung Android OS which we say, may be a reference for your Samsung mobile phone owners


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